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VSMU - Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava

aggiornamento 07/06/2016

VSMU - Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava

VSMU - Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava – Slovak Republic

Presentation & Philosophy:

Living in an era of rapidly developing mass media culture does not mean just a time of technical change, but also the development of new trends in the world of cinematography. We may experience doubts as we face a cultural uniformity refusing to reflect the typical problems of a new millennium in creativity and its expression. The question is whether the change brought by globalisation would bring an irreversible shift in perception of the world and film as its image.

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Facing to these new challenges, we wish to go on combining the new and the traditional, accepting current developments, but still to preserve inventiveness, craft and values developed during over 50 years of the existence of The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava.

Today's film expression is searching for a new image. We still believe that film is a path that leads to cognition and world understanding. That with good will, talent and inventiveness it should be possible to find a way to make «something more» than "mere films". Creative goal or opinion does not mean a luxury - we take it as a responsibility to future audience.

The fundamental objective of our school is the training of high quality professionals in artistic production, ready to develop within a socio-economic context. We breed experimentation and research in artistic creation and help our students to adapt to the professional needs of the visual and multimedia arts.

Number of students/ full-time/
Bachelor 201;

Master's degree: 116;

Doctoral degree: 16;

Total No. : 333

Number of international students: /full-time/ Bachelor: 6; Master: 5

Number of teachers: 70


Degree category / length of studies:
Undergraduate level – Bachelor’s degree (Bc.): (3 years full-time study)
Postgraduate level – Master’s degree ( (2 years full-time study)
Postgraduate level – Doctoral degree (ArtD.): (3 years full-time study, 5 years part-time study)

Programme objective and content:

The study at the Film and Television Faculty is accredited in the branch of Film Art and Multimedia in the following programmes:

Film and Television Directing

The students pursue their studies in the Directing Department. The programme prepares accomplished directors of feature films and audio visual works in a variety of forms and genres. The study focuses on the acquisition of theoretical and practical methods and styles of directing ranging from the classical film to contemporary media.

Documentary Film

The students pursue their studies in the Documentary Department. The programme prepares the filmmakers for a large range of non-feature films ranging from the classical documentary film through various forms of journalism for audio visual media, popular scientific films, educational and promotional films to advertising.

Dramaturgy and Screenwriting

The students pursue their studies in the Screenwriting Department. The programme provides the students with the knowledge necessary for the independent creative work of screenwriters in all areas of audio vision with a high level of individual creativity and authorship.

Animated Film

The students pursue their studies in the Animation Department. The programme prepares them for professional careers in animated film and techniques related to animation. It develops the students’ artistic and technical skills and abilities to create synthetic film artworks and acquire theoretical knowledge necessary for artistic creation.

Cinematograhy and Photography

The students pursue their studies in the Cinematography and Photography Department. They are guided through the programme to work in all areas of audio vision as independent creative cinematographers. They are provided with contemporary knowledge about film and television technology and techniques. The graduates are capable of using their skills and abilities to reflect reality in a distinctively creative form.

Sound Design

The students pursue their studies in the Sound Department . The studio prepares sound engineers capable of using sound to express the authorial concept of the audio visual work. Special attention is paid to the development of their perception of music.

Visual Editing

The students pursue their studies in the Editing Department. They are provided with the basic theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for independent creative work in all areas of audio vision with emphasis on visual editing. The programme develops their understanding of the models of construction of film and television narrative from the perspective of various forms and genres.

Production and Distribution

The students pursue their studies in the Production Department. The programme provides the students with an in-depth knowledge of organising the production itself and the production, marketing and distribution of audio visual work.

Visual Effects

The study provides theoretical and practical knowledge in all areas of film and video visual effects with emphasis on cooperation with all film professions. The programme is based on individual creativity and partner communication and the students are encouraged to create their own artwork. The students acquire the knowledge of the latest technologies and trends.

Art Criticism and Audio Visual Studies

The study is conducted in the Department of Art Criticism and Audio Visual Studies. It provides education for theorists, historians and critics in the fields of film art and multimedia. As well as film analysis, the programme also includes humanities and social sciences. Emphasis is placed on the student’s individuality and creativity.

Entry requirements:

Students entering the VSMU Film and TV Faculty must be high-school graduates first. A High School Education Degree (graduation or school-leaving exam) is required for this selective kind of studies, as well as passing through art skills´ exams.

Bc. study programme admission requirements are:

  • presenting homework according to the individual department requirements
  • successful passing of the test of comprehensive knowledge of film, literature, music, visual art and architecture, or some other knowledge
  • the practical part pass-fail interview
  • passing an interview to successfully support the practical part and homework. study programme admission requirements are:

  • Bc. title (or equivalent) in the field of film art and multimedia, or in a familiar branch of study.
  • Presentation and the Master's degree thesis art project upheld.


School Information:
VSMU Bratislava – Academy of Performing Arts 
(Film and Television Faculty – FTF VSMU)
Svoradova 2/A, 813 01 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Tel: 00421 2 59303 561

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