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Supporto CNC per i film di genere a tre commedie


- Selezionati Les reines du drame di Alexis Langlois, L’Ame Idéale di Alice Vial e Le Syndrome des amours passées di Ann Sirot e Raphael Balboni

Supporto CNC per i film di genere a tre commedie
Il regista Alexis Langlois riceve il sostegno del CNC per il suo primo lungometraggio, Les reines du drame

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After a first and third edition dedicated to "fantasy, science-fiction or horror" projects, and a second session dedicated to musicals, comedies have found themselves on the receiving end of the CNC‘s selective aid, which is awarded to genre films each and every year. And following a meeting with the shortlisted filmmaker-producer duos, three scripts were chosen from among the 56 originally submitted.

Thus, the CNC will support Les reines du drame, which will be Alexis Langlois’ first feature film. Written by the director alongside Thomas Colineau and Charlotte Janon, the story takes us forwards in time to 2055. Sixty-five-year-old YouTuber Steevyshady posts a video on Mimi4Ver - his channel dedicated to Mimi Madamour, a singer loved by noughties teens - in celebration of the 50 year anniversary of her greatest hit Pas touche!. This cosmetically enhanced man films himself in his teenager-bedroom, which is still plastered with posters of the star. He admits to having dragged her name through the mud, on account of his inability to accept her romance with the punk singer Billie Kolher. Now Steevy wants to pay tribute to them by telling their story... Production will be steered by Inès Daïen on behalf of Les Films du Poisson.

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Another first feature film project can be found among the successful candidates: L’Ame Idéale by Alice Vial, who penned the script in league with Jean-Toussaint Bernard. And who are the protagonists of this tale? A dead man who doesn’t know that he’s dead, and a medium on the verge of an emotional breakdown who manipulates this tortured soul and makes him believe that he’s alive… It’s "a romantic comedy - because that’s actually what it is - which gets off to a really bad start", the mini-synopsis wryly explains. Production is managed by Jean-Marie Antonini on behalf of Les Films Entre 2 et 4.

Last but not least, organisers of the genre film aid singled out Le Syndrome des amours passées for support, which will be the second feature film to come courtesy of the Belgian duo Ann Sirot and Raphaël Balboni, who turned many a head with Madly in Life [+leggi anche:
intervista: Raphaël Balboni e Ann Sirot
scheda film
(which has just earned itself no less than 12 Magritte nominations). Written by the two filmmakers, the story revolves around Rémy and Sandra who are unable to have children because they suffer from “Past Loves Syndrome“. There is only one cure: they must sleep with all their exes one last time… Production is overseen by Delphine Schmit and Guillaume Dreyfus on behalf of Parisian firm Tripode Productions.

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