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In 1942 in vetrina a Co-Pro Pitching Sessions di Séries Mania


- Il progetto in 6 episodi da 52 minuti scritto da Julie-Anna Grignon e Hagit Saad è prodotto dalla società francese White Lion Films, filiale del gruppo Mediawan

In 1942 in vetrina a Co-Pro Pitching Sessions di Séries Mania
Hagit Saad e Julie-Anna Grignon, creatrici della serie

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Stealing particular focus among the projects showcased today during the Co-Pro Pitching Sessions - which are unfolding within the professional sidebar of the Series Mania festival (running 26 August to 2 September – read our article): the Series Mania Forum (read our interview with director Francesco Capurro) - is In 1942, which is a perfect example of the in-depth, advance support offered by the Lille-based event.

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Indeed, it was at Series Mania 2019 that France’s Julie-Anna Grignon and Israel’s Hagit Saad - the two authors of this 6 x 52-minute film – met for the very first time, having both been selected for the UGC Writers’ Campus. It was a first encounter which immediately gave rise to a professional partnership and an idea for a series, In 1942, which was chosen from among the five projects to come out of the first edition of this French-Israeli co-writing residency launched at the end of December 2019 by the CNC and the GMFF (Gesher Multicultural Film Fund). Series Mania was one of the main partners involved in this workshop, which was designed to shore up the writing of the definitive series bible.

In their development of In 1942, Julie-Anna Grignon and Israel’s Hagit Saad drew inspiration from the true story of a Holocaust survivor. The series explores the impact of certain events which unfolded during the life of a young Jewish girl in Bordeaux, France, during WW2. Adele (14) was hidden in a basement during the war by a Nazi officer. He saved her life but he also forced himself upon her. Since then, she’s never stopped “surviving.” Because for Adele, surviving means concealing the past. Adele’s decision in this respect will have ramifications in 1988, in Israel, when Adele’s daughter Yaffa finds out that her whole identity is based on lies. It will also have ramifications in the present day, when Adele’s granddaughter Maureen and a young documentarist Lia drill down into Adele’s survival story, not knowing what they’ll find…

Production on this English language series is entrusted to Noor Sadar on behalf of Parisian firm White Lion Films (a subsidiary of the Mediawan Group), who are notably responsible for the first two seasons of Maroni and the Danish series DNA. Germany and Israel are co-producing the work.

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