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BERLINALE 2021 Encounters

ESCLUSIVA: Il trailer di District Terminal, selezionato alla Berlinale


- Il lungometraggio dei cineasti iraniani Bardia Yadegari e Ehsan Mirhosseini è presentato in anteprima mondiale nella sezione Encounters della 71. Berlinale

ESCLUSIVA: Il trailer di District Terminal, selezionato alla Berlinale
District Terminal di Bardia Yadegari ed Ehsan Mirhosseini

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Tehran in the near future. Pollution and a lethal virus have reduced the city to a dump and forced the population to emigrate or live in quarantine. Peyman is a poet and a junkie who lives with his mother in a neighbourhood that has been placed under round-the-clock surveillance by quarantine officers. Struggling to survive, Peyman divides his days between spending time with his no-less-bewildered teenage daughter, a woman living in the USA whom he has married in order to emigrate, conversations with his two closest friends Ramin and Mozhgan, and an illicit affair with a girl with whom he is hopelessly in love. Rumours of an imminent war are growing and one by one Peyman’s friends are departing, leaving him alone and tormented by ghosts. In which world does Peyman live, the real or the fictional? In which of the two will he find redemption?

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This is the plot of District Terminal [+leggi anche:
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, the feature by Iranian directors Bardia Yadegari and Ehsan Mirhosseini, set to world-premiere in the Encounters section of the 71st Berlinale (during its online version from 1-5 February).

District Terminal is a produced by Iran's Filminiran and Germany's PakFilm. The world sales are handled by French outfit MPM Premium.

Check out our exclusive trailer below:

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