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Dogwoof acquisisce Viral: My 2020, premiato a DOK Leipzig Industry


- La compagnia britannica ha acquistato i diritti nordamericani del progetto che riunisce i contenuti audiovisivi personali di otto famosi YouTuber nell'anno della pandemia

Dogwoof acquisisce Viral: My 2020, premiato a DOK Leipzig Industry
Viral: My 2020 di Sagi Bornstein e Udi Nir

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As the American Film Market opens, UK-based international sales company Dogwoof has announced the North American sales acquisition of Viral: My 2020, a documentary feature and series by Israeli directing duo Sagi Bornstein and Udi Nir (Golda Meir - Prime Minister), co-produced by Germany's Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion and Israel's udiVsagi. The rights for the rest of the world are co-represented by Dogwoof and Gebrueder Beetz.

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Composed of personal footage from eight YouTubers, some with over a million subscribers, the film begins on New Year’s 2020, with optimism and resolutions for the coming year. Filming themselves as they get ready to face 2020, all eight YouTubers are filled with exuberance and hope, but as news of a deadly new virus emerges and world leaders take action to stem the tide of the pandemic, their plans suddenly need to change. As the year unfolds, there is rising unrest across the globe and a new US election on the horizon; we are swept away with these young people as they grapple with new and completely unexpected challenges.

Dogwoof CEO Anna Godas says: “This is the story of how young people experienced 2020, told their own way. It's intimate, dynamic and so engaging I knew we had to come on board the second I came across it. 2020 will be a year to remember and who best to tell it than our younger generation.”

Supported by the German Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and Israel's New Fund for Cinema and Television (NFCT), Viral: My 2020 is still in production and recently won the D-Facto Motion Works-in-Progress Prize for the outstanding project of the DOK Leipzig's DOK Preview Germany selection, which consists of post-production services worth €10,000 (read the news).

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