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Il numero di film europei usciti fuori dall'Europa è aumentato dell'8,5% nel 2016


- In inglese: Secondo l'Osservatorio europeo dell'audiovisivo, nel 2016 sono stati distribuiti 650 film europei fuori dal continente

Il numero di film europei usciti fuori dall'Europa è aumentato dell'8,5% nel 2016

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  • 650 European films were released outside of Europe in 2016
  • Admissions generated fell to 82 million, (22% below the five-year average of 97 million)
  • Market share fell 1 point to 19%, just making the 19% five-year average

These are the latest findings from aa new report by the European Audiovisual Observatory, part of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. The Observatory has just launched the up-date of its "Circulation of European films" report in time for the Berlinale. It analyses the performance of European films over a five-year period (2012 - 2016) throughout 12 non-European sample markets. Download it for free here.

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I. Number of European films released outside of Europe up by 8.5%

650 European films were on theatrical release in at least one of the markets covered in 2016. This is an 8.5% rise year on year compared with 2015. This is the largest number of European films released outside Europe in the past five years and represents about 11% of the total number of European films on release worldwide (see Figure 1 below).

Figure 1. European films on release outside Europe in 2012-2016

II. Admissions in the 12 markets fell from 108 to 82 million in 2016

This is in line with admission levels observed in 2013 and 2014 but below the five-year average of  97 million (see Figure 2 below). Applying local average ticket prices this corresponds to an estimated EUR 475 million in gross box office earned by European films outside Europe in 2016. European films accounted for 19% of the tracked number of films on release (in line with the 5-year average) and 2% of the admissions generated in the 12 non-European sample markets. This is the lowest market share in the past five years.

Figure 2. Admissions to European films outside Europe 2012-2016 (in million)

III. Market share reached 5-year average of 19%; China confirmed as second largest foreign market after the US.

The market share for European films in the territories analysed has remained virtually stable over the 5-year period (see figure 3 below). The US remains the largest foreign market for European films, accounting for 32% of total admissions to European films outside of Europe. Despite the very limited number of European releases, China confirmed its taste for European films as the second largest market in terms of admissions with 18.6 million tickets sold in 2016, accounting for 23% of total admissions. This was followed by Mexico (12%), Australia (7%) and South Korea (6%).

Figure 3. Market shares of European films outside Europe 2012-2016

Figure 4. Admissions to European films outside Europe 2016 - by market and origin

The UK overtook France as the most successful European film export country in 2016 with UK films cumulatively selling 44.6 million tickets accounting for 55% of total admissions. French films came in second place, with 14.1 million admissions (17% of total admissions to European films). Russian films followed at a distance, cumulatively selling 5.5 million tickets outside Europe in 2016 (7%).

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