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Ieva Norvilienė • Producer

Producer on the move 2006 – Lithuania


Ieva Norvilienė • Producer

Ieva Norvilienė, one of the most dynamic Lithuanian producers, has already produced two films: the grotesque feature Diring in 2006 and the short Easily and Sweetly, a story about plain street guys, selected at the Rotterdam Film Festival. Ieva has presented her films at several international film festivals.

Cineuropa: What does it mean for you to have been selected for Producers on the Move, a European Film Promotion initiative?
Ieva Norvilienė: I am very happy to have been selected for Producers on the Move. It is great to be offered such an opportunity by the EFP to present my ideas and projects that I have been participating in to the representatives of the international film industry. I work with young and talented Lithuanian filmmakers and our aim is to make films not only for the local, but also for the international market. Filmmaking in collaboration with people from other countries is one of my principle goals. Participating in the Producers on the Move programme provides me with an opportunity to find working partners not only for my present projects but also to make stable long-term contacts for future collaborations. Together we will be able to create a joint strategy for filmmaking and film promotion, find new opportunities, ways and solutions to implement our ideas and to successfully participate in the European film market.

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How important is it for you to be part of the EU in terms of production and distribution possibilities?
I find it both important and useful to be in the EU. Our film production, as well as film distribution is oriented towards the EU film market. Partnership with other EU member states allows us to make better use of our resources, as well as to better express the ideas of our films. Active and successful promotion in the EU space widens our audience. Being part of EU lets us escape the vicious circles of the local film market and to present our ideas to a wider public. What was earlier impossible has now become reality.

You produced two films with a strong social component. What are your next projects?
I am going to stick with social themes. Films in real human language will always reach the hearts of people, whatever country they are from. Things happening in the world around us are the most interesting of all. They have always been and will remain topical. Problems of today, presented in an interesting way and with intrigue are the best material for a film script.
These claims are illustrated by my new project. Low Lights is an unconventional road movie, taking place in a closed space of the night city, where a journey becomes a certain ritual, erasing boundaries between fantasy and reality. The film unveils a different existence of a contemporary man, hidden from the light of day. The characters project their repressed wishes, dreams, and unexpressed feelings into the night city space. The banal labyrinth of streets acquires parameters of a new reality.

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