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Industria - Finlandia/Francia/Stati Uniti

Rapporto industria: Realtà virtuale

Nokia e Technicolor uniscono le forze per creare contenuti VR


In inglese: Le due compagnie hanno annunciato la loro decisione di fare squadra per focalizzarsi sulla creazione di nuovi e avvincenti film in realtà virtuale

Nokia e Technicolor uniscono le forze per creare contenuti VR
Nokia’s 360-degree OZO+ camera (© Nokia Technologies)

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As already mentioned at multiple conventions and discussions (for instance, see the NEXT news), one of the major problems that both virtual and augmented reality are facing is a lack of content. Even if technology advances, the content that is available to the final user is still one step behind. This is one of the main reasons why Finnish tech company Nokia has decided to initiate a partnership with French corporation Technicolor. According to their announcement, both companies are aiming to work together to create immersive VR content utilising Nokia’s 360-degree OZO+ camera and OZO content-creation tools.

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One of the first steps in the Nokia-Technicolor partnership will be the launch of a series of master-class sessions held at the Technicolor Experience Center (TEC) in Los Angeles, California. The sessions will be focused on 360-degree filmmaking, as the creation of live-action 360-degree projects is one of the goals for both partners. The course will offer film professionals and artists from different fields the opportunity to have an in-depth look at creating compelling VR films and, more importantly, to learn the differences between the new technology and traditional filmmaking. Also, the participants will benefit from a residency at TEC during the period of the seminars.

Marcie Jastrow, senior VP of Immersive Media and head of the TEC, underlines the importance of this collaboration, saying: “In the creation of immersive content, live-action cameras are key to the storytelling process. Nokia has invested a lot of time and research into providing content creators with the tools they need to produce high-quality image capture, and Technicolor has a long history of working with camera manufacturers to create the highest-quality capture techniques and outcomes.” Also, Csilla Kozma, head of Content Relations, Nokia Technologies, states: “The opening of the TEC allows us to elevate our relationship and share the key learnings we have gained in virtual reality with a wider audience through a series of master classes."

It is worth noting that Nokia is expanding its OZO ecosystem with new products and tools for the consumer; the firm hopes that this will lead to the “OZO Reality”, which, according to the company, will be its biggest leap forward in VR.

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