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Rapporto industria: Documentario

Good Pitch Europe 2012

- 8 team di registi di documentari si incontrano a Londra per sottoporre i propri progetti a delle ONG e a potenziali partner per finziamenti e sostegno alla distribuzione...

Good Pitch Europe 2012

Good Pitch Europe 2012

8 documentary filmmaking teams gathered in London's Royal Institution on June 25th to pitch their projects to a number of potential partners for funding and distribution support. The rules were clear - pitches had to be no longer than 7 minute and would be followed by a 15-minute feedback session.

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Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
At #goodpitch: a fascinating org that connects civil society orgs with doc filmmakers.Talitha Calder
#goodpitch 120 films + 1800 orgs have participated. Forging partnerships between storytellers and civil society - for the good of all!Sandi DuBowski
At #goodpitch where documentaries that trigger changes are nurtured. We need forums like this one.J. Koyote
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
Good Pitch is a BRITDOC project in partnership with the Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program and Channel 4 Television. BRITDOC Foundation's CEO Jess Search introduces the event in Huffington Post:
Documentary Filmmakers Enter Dragon's Den for Good PitchIt was a hot summer afternoon when the representative of the British Beekeepers Association (a man with a beard so bushy and comfortable ...
Everyone in smithies room believes in stories that change the world. The kind of room I like to be in. #goodpitchCODOC
Rageh Omar starting us off #goodpitch @ Royal Institution of Great Britain Gunaratne

“In the age of 24 hour news, documentaries are the last bastion of original journalism - it's at the heart of what documentaries do.” (Rageh Omar)

Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
RainforestFoundation are @ #GoodPitch with amazing filmmakers journalists funders NGOs & civil society members. Glad we're in the mix! #RFUKRainforestFoundation
Amazing line up of social justice films today at #goodpitch event - can you help support them?Public Zone
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
Pitches started @C4BRITDOC #GoodPitch An impressive stage Bednarz
Brazilian-Lebanese Julia Bacha presenting her film of Palestinian evictions from Sheikh Jarrah Jerusalem: "My Neighbourhood" #goodpitchDoreen Khoury
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation

1.- MY NEIGHBOURHOOD, directed by Julia Bacha, produced by Ronit Avni.

My neighbourhood, a film about jerusalem neighbourhood and how it changes after the settlers move in #goodpitchBalihar
#goodpitch My neighbourhood has expanded movement of Jewish and palestinians joining in the desire for political peacesam roddick
My Neighbourhood chronicles the story of Palestinian teenager Mohammed El Kurd as half of his home in East Jerusalem is taken over by Israeli settlers. When Israeli activists arrive to join local residents in protests against the eviction, Mohammed comes of age in the face of unrelenting tension with his neighbours and unexpected cooperation with Israeli allies in his backyard.
My Neighbourhood - Official Trailer - A Just Vision Filmjustvisionmedia
Oussama Rifahi of the Arab Fund for Arts & Culture says that that My Neighbourhood keeps focus on Jerusalem which is essential #goodpitchDoreen Khoury
@BerthaFN grants 10K to the film "My Neighbourhood". Collaboration at work! #goodpitchTalitha Calder
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
The film screened later in the evening at the Frontline Club and was presented at the European Parliament the following day in presence of Mohammed El Kurd with great acceptance. See My Neighbourhood's website if you want to know more about the last film by Julia Bacha after her award-winning Budrus.
Congratulations to @JustVisionMedia for their successful pitch of #MyNeighbourhood to #goodpitch 2012- film looks fascinatingThe Price of Kings
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation

2.- STATE BUILDERS, directed by Florence Martin-Kessler & Anne Poiret, produced by Heidi Fleisher & Patrick Winocourt.

#goodpitch 2nd pitch 'state builders' doc on how to build a democratic state after 50yrs cilvil war-south Sudan-transition war 2 peacesam roddick
After a 50-year civil war, the stakes and hopes at the world's newest nation are high. But how does one build a democratic country from scratch.
Amazed by how uplifting trailer for State Builders is. Looking forward to seeing it & sharing with colleagues at RA #GoodPitchEleanor Dean
#goodpitch doc 'state builders' very moving- country left in no mans land how 2 introduce taxes how 2 disarm the public-how 2 build justicesam roddick
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
State Builders sounds an uplifting film and a great panel trying to connect the filmmakers to policy makers #goodpitchGuy Gunaratne
The day of its independence in July 2011 South Sudan had a flag, a national anthem, a capital, and its first president, Salva Kiir. But these were about the only elements that proved its existence to the world and to its people. Today, everything else remains to be done - including setting borders, drafting a constitution, establishing an army and judicial system, creating systems to collect oil production revenues and income taxes...
State Builders - 3' trailerQuark Productions
#GoodPitch State Builders is a rare insight into building a new country, South Sudan. Many offers to screen, film also needs finishing fundsLindsey Dryden
Producer Patrick wincour says they need 50k for another shoot and 50k for post production #goodpitchBalihar
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
#goodpitch Europe is underway. @EmmanuelJAL offers the filmmakers behind Statebuilders his music!BRITDOC
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
#goodpitch there are 4 or 5 African countries just about to go through the 'state building' process - mo Ibrahim foundationsam roddick
Two very different, yet equally important causes raised so far at #goodpitch through #myneighbourhood and #statebuildersCarrie
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation

3.- KAPUTT, directed by Pekka Lehto, produced by Inka Rusi.

#goodpitch third one this morning - Kaputt looks at "the winners and the losers in the economic crisis"Abigail Anketell
Debts, fallouts, bailouts, cutbacks, strikes, riots: what is next for the people in Europe? In May 2010 started the filming of this documentary charting the human side of the debt crisis in Europe. Do we need catastrophe to force the creation of new consciousness? Read more about Kaputt on its official website.
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
#Kaputt - philosophic approach to Euro crisis. Looking to engage young people through outreach project. #GoodPitchJan Bednarz
Completely different view on the Euro crisis in 'Kaputt' They need funding to complete the film #goodpitchPublic Zone
See Kaputt's trailer here.
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
Iika Vehkalahti from YLE notes the big picture and now Spencer Wilson from OECD offering to partner for a screening for KAPUTT #goodpitchGuy Gunaratne
@C4BRITDOC #GoodPitch @fromthehip on #Kaputt - suggesting gamification to attract young people to cause. Attracting bloggers & journos tooJan Bednarz
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
Great suggestion by @jesssearch of getting a public policy think tank like IPPR to review a documentary about the economy at #goodpitchAsim Haneef
Kudos to the #goodpitch team in London for creating another constructive, at times electric event.Ronit Avni
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation

4.- CALL ME KUCHU, directed by Malika Zouhali-Worrall & Katherine Fairfax Wright.

Call me Kuchu screened last wk to 1300 ppl at Castro theatre and got a 5 min standing ovation #goodpitchBalihar
In an unmarked office at the end of a dirt track, veteran activist David Kato labors to repeal Uganda’s homophobic laws and liberate his fellow lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender men and women, or “kuchus.” But David’s formidable task just became much more difficult. A new “Anti-Homosexuality Bill” proposes death for HIV-positive gay men, and prison for anyone who fails to turn in a known homosexual (continue reading the film's synopsis).
Hot Docs Trailers 2012: CALL ME KUCHUhotdocsfest
#CallMeKuchu at #goodpitch Devastating trailer, important film about the attack on gay rights in uganda. Everyone should see this film.liz unna
Call Me Kuchu at #goodpitch. We've followed the story of David Kato in Uganda and this film needs to be seen by everyone! Extremely moving!Heidi Lindvall
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
#CallMeKuchu pitching #GoodPitch @C4BRITDOC Gay Rights in Uganda - a moving trailer. Looking for action - supports & funders to change lawsJan Bednarz
Last week the Ugandan government threatened to deregister #LGBTI advocacy organisations - support activists and @callmekuchu #GoodPitchJen Robinson
Uganda anti-gay bill draws church, donor battle lines | ReutersKAMPALA (Reuters) - Peter, 23, used to enjoy hitting Kampala's bars with his boyfriend until a draft bill dubbed "kill the gays" forced h...
Chicken and Egg pictures will fund @callmekuchu 10K. #goodpitchTalitha Calder
It's so refreshing that people/organisations stand up & pledge real money or support. Haven't seen enough of that recently #GoodPitchH
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
"Get people to engage on issues from an informed position." quote of the day I'd say. #goodpitchGuy Gunaratne
. @dogwolf bringing call me Kuchu - a film looking at the treatment of lgbt ppl in uganda - to cinemas in early November #goodpitchBalihar
Just spoke at the #CallmeKuchu – incredibly powerful film about #LGBT people in #Uganda #GoodPitchHuman Dignity Trust
After having won a number of awards internationally, Call Me Kuchu will be released in UK cinemas in early november 2012.
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
#goodpitch is working brilliantly #CallMeKuchuDaisy Asquith
This international dialogue is incredible! @C4BRITDOC #GoodPitch I have goosebumpsEmily Rose
"Kudos" seems to be the word of the day so far at London's Royal Institution ;)
@Cineuropa: Rev John Churcher: "The church is answering questions nobody is asking" "The opposite of love is not hate, but fear" #GoodPitchCall Me Kuchu
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation

5.- BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!*, directed by Fredrik Gertten, produced by Elin Kamlert.

#goodpitch I saw Big Boys Go Bananas @sheffdocfest and found it made me first incredibly angry, but then amazingly uplifted. This'll be goodH
What is a big corporation capable of doing in order to protect its brand?
"If you have mighty enemies you need good friends" - Fredrik Gerrten, director of 'David vs Goliath' doc Big Boys go Bananas* at #goodpitchAsim Haneef
Gertten's previous film Bananas!* (2009) recounts the lawsuit that 12 Nicaraguan plantation workers brought against the fruit giant Dole Food Company for their use of a banned pesticide that the banana workers claimed had made them sterile.
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
Dole subsequently subjected Gertten, the film's producer Margarete Jangård and WG Film to a massive bullying campaign, using scare tactics and PR-spin to manipulate the media.
Lessons from #goodpitch if you need good lawyers to protect you from govs or big corps you're probably onto something worth shouting about?Joanna Natasegara
Big Boys Gone Bananas!*idfa
#goodpitch. Transparency Intl invited Big Boys Gone Bananas! to their 2000 person biannual conference in Brasilia. WowSandi DuBowski
#goodpitch Fairfood Intl offers 65K Facebook fans, 10K Twitter. We can bring your story to other companies boardrooms and global campaigns.Sandi DuBowski
Great moment as journalist from Burma VJ just asked director of Big Boys Gone Bananas for a copy to show Aung San Suu Kyi. #goodpitchCODOC
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!* still needs £150,000 to complete outstanding funding. "Bills remain unpaid." (Erin Kamlert)
Dr. Strangelove would be proud #goodpitch
Can campaigning Journalism and documentaries impact laws and influence public discourse? Topics discussed at today's superb #goodpitchAsim Haneef
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation

6.- THE KILLING FIELDS OF SRI LANKA, directed by Callum Macrae, produced by Zoe Sale & Chris Shaw.

In May 2009 the 26 year long civil war between the government of Sri Lanka and the secessionist forces of the Tamil Tigers came to an awful bloody end.
Sri Lanka's Killing FieldsIn the north east of Sri Lanka just now there is a brutal and repressive clamp-down on the Tamil population. Thousands are still homeless...
This was supposed to be a war without witnesses. But the war crimes and crimes against humanity, the massacres and the executions of prisoners, were filmed – by both victims and perpetrators. See the trailer.
A powerful pitch by @Callum_Macrae and Zoe Sale for Sri Lanka's #KillingFields documentary here at #goodpitch - spine-chilling footage.Asim Haneef
Sri Lanka's Killing Fields might just be the hardest hitting trailer I've ever watched. 40k killed, the story needs to be told #goodpitchMark Stringer
Listening to how the Sri Lankan government covered massacre of Tamils reminds me a bit of Syria. #goodpitchDoreen Khoury
"This is journalism in its most important context." VAUGHAN SMITH Frontline Club comments on Sri Lanka #KillingFields @C4BRITDOC #goodpitchKiki Jackson
'Sri Lanka's Killing Fields' @C4BRITDOC #goodpitch = moving reminder of how films can succeed where NGOs failEsme Peach
"Policymakers could not be moved to talk about Sri Lanka until the visuals came"-Brad Adams from Human Rights Watch. #goodpitchTalitha Calder
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
@Callum_Macrae: if an introduction to the former or current UN Rapporteur on Extra-Judicial Killings would be helpful let me know #goodpitchWade McMullen
Jon Sawyer announces Pulitzer Centre for Crisis Reporting will give $20,000 to @Callum_Macrae's SRI LANKA'S KILLING FIELDS! offers post support to Sri Lanka film. #goodpitchSandi DuBowski
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
#goodpitch after Edward's speech many people asking us how they could get involved. All details here: Lanka Campaign
The original 48 minute-long Sri Lanka's Killing Fields was broadcasted by Channel 4 and is available here.
#goodpitch what a fantastic event. All power to @Callum_Macrae 's elbowSri Lanka Campaign
#goodpitch @C4BRITDOC Incredibly important projects pitched & funded here. Good to see solid commitments on the table to help things happenJan Bednarz
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation

7.- IN YOUR VOICE, IN YOUR HEART, directed by James Hall & Ed Lovelace, produced by Lucas Ochoa. 

Every eleven minutes three people in the UK have a stroke. The consequences are life-changing and full recovery is often unreached. This is one story that proves rehabilitation has no limits, altering the perception of recovery and inspiring hope for those affected
Achingly beautiful and vital film about Edwyn Collin's recovery from Stroke! I'd give them at least twenty quid on kick starter #goodpitchSarah Ross
There is huge Kickstarter potential for the film (Edwyn gives a mixtape for $50 donors). Yancey's in. @kickstarter @ystrickler #goodpitchSandi DuBowski
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
Fantastic @C4BRITDOC offers £30'000 to In Your Voice, In Your Heart. #goodpitchGuy Gunaratne
Watch the trailer of In your voice, in your heart here.
IN YOUR VOICE, IN YOUR HEART tells the story of former musician Edwin Collins, who suffers from aphasia - and is here with us!
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
Wow, my hero Edwyn Collins at #goodpitch. The great man who once said there's not enough protest songs. He's saying never give up hope.Leslie Lee
Edwyn Collins 'A Girl Like You'thegavinevanschannel
"Each of the stories he tells us is another fragment of his shattered identity and as we progress through the film we see him reassembled in front of us."
Everyone seems to be a bit giddy that Edwyn Collins is in the room. Great that this project is getting so much love and support. #goodpitchIngrid Kopp
Jackie Cooper of Edelman speaks beautifully, offers incredibly personal + company support. @EdelmanDigital This is making me cry. #goodpitchSandi DuBowski
Last year and against all odds Edwyn Collins released the album Losing Sleep to huge critical acclaim.
It strikes me that one of the things #goodpitch does brilliantly (besides so much else) is harness the power of networks.Asim Haneef
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation

8.- THE SQUARE, directed by Jehane Noujaim, produced by Karim Amer & Mike Lerner.

THE SQUARE - activism and commitment to promote revolution in Egypt.
Final incredible #GoodPitch = Jehane Noujaim's 'The Square' - The human stories behind the politics over 18months of the Egyptian revolutionBertha
Jehane Noujaim just flew in from Cairo. She just finished filming last night. #goodpitchSandi DuBowski
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
This film tells the story of the ongoing struggle in Egypt. From its start in Tahrir to the fall of Mubarak, we follow the characters as victory turns to the uncertainty of military rule and where everything they fought for is under threat. The world thought the Revolution had already been won but for our characters it had only just begun.
We were so busy making the film that we haven't raised all the money. We need £200K to get the film to the next step (Karim Amer)
Trailer for The Square has just blown my mind. Wow #goodpitchEleanor Dean
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
European Partners for Democracy's Carlos Hernández announces they will support the film with £20K. #GoodPitch #Egypt
Dubai Film Festival Post-Production Fund strongly encourages Jehane and Karim to apply. They can give up to $100K. #goodpitchSandi DuBowski
"Without truth and justice, there cannot be peace, reconciliation and political resolution."
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
Very impressed by #goodpitch today. What a wonderfully innovative format that is @C4BRITDOC!JRRT
What an intense day, so many excellent powerful projects pitched. So much good work being done, but a lot more still to be done #GoodPitchH
Pitch perfectScreen headed down to the 2012 Good Pitch Europe in London yesterday, where attendees included Jemima Khan, Sam Branson and Rageh Omar. I...
some superb film projects at today's Good Pitch - inspiring to be in a room with so many passionate, talented & committed people #goodpitchcarmen gray
Good Pitch Europe 2012BRITDOC Foundation
Huge congrats to @C4BRITDOC for an awesome event today (and party tonight) for #GoodPitch! So many exciting projects!Jen Robinson
Good Pitch Europe 2012 Round UpGood Pitch Europe returned to the Royal Institution of Great Britain on June 25th. Attended by almost 500 people from trainee filmmakers ...

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