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Une nouvelle incitation à la production au Portugal est annoncée à Cannes


- En anglais : Ce nouveau système de remise fiscale a été créé pour attirer les productions internationales sur le sol lusitanien

Une nouvelle incitation à la production au Portugal est annoncée à Cannes

Cet article est disponible en anglais.

Portugal has a new tax rebate incentive that aims to raise the profile of Portuguese cinema by attracting international productions to the territory. The new incentive is about to enter into force and will be presented later today on Cannes’ Plages des Palmes.

“Portugal was known for the great diversity of its landscape and for its professionals, but our system was not competitive,” explains the new president of the Portuguese film body, the ICA, Luís Chaby Vaz. “We want to change that and place Portugal on the map of the great film and audiovisual productions.”

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The ICA has strengthened the incentives available for producing or co-producing films in Portugal. It has also broadened their scope of application to the audiovisual sector and reduced the amount of eligible expenditures (from €1 million to a minimum of €500,000, or €250,000 for documentaries and post-production).

Simultaneously, an inter-ministerial working group named PicPortugal has been created with the ultimate goal of establishing a Portuguese Film Commission. For the record, Portugal has 11 regional film commissions, but there is no connection between them. According to Chaby Vaz, the creation of a new film commission will “facilitate procedures and also bring together all of the information and requests to shoot in Portugal at one single desk”. This is being organised with three ministries, and the ICA is “currently gathering together all of the contacts and enquiries”, states the ICA president.

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