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Media Business School

actualización 01/07/2015

Media Business School

The mbs was founded in 1991 by leading Spanish producer Andrés Vicente Gómez as a non-profit  organisation offering training, research and development  to the audiovisual sector, and focusing on the business of the industry. The organisation is supported by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, the Creative Europe-Media, and industry leaders such as Lord Puttnam and Francisco José Pereira Pinto Balsemão.

With the invaluable support of the mbs partners and experts, the mbs has built a global reputation for delivering training excellence in Europe and beyond. By providing an immersive, dynamic, innovative and interactive training experience – delivered by world class professionals - mbs training provides a tangible impact on careers and projects.

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The mbs initiatives are designed to deliver the highest calibre of training, driving forward the careers and projects of those who participate, helping build sustainable businesses that are able to identify opportunities and compete in the international industry.

The mbs strategy intends to provide a response to the immediate demands on the skills and knowhow of the audiovisual industry workforce and businesses operating in and on demand economy, from a cross-sector perspective.

Over these years, the mbs has become a referral and a center of excellence for delivering specialized, business oriented training for the audiovisual sector.

MBS training initiatives:

The MBS is running in 2015 the (1) Master in European Audiovisual Management (MEGA Plus) and the (2) Marketing & International Distribution programme (M&ID).

  1. Master in European Audiovisual Management (MEGA Plus).

Programme objective and content: MEGA Plus is a project-based master programme that provides specialised training in audiovisual company management and content production. Mega plus is designed to prepare the next generation of industry entrepreneurs and executives to enter the sector with the skills and knowhow required to operate in a digital, on demand economy. With a 90% job placement rate, mega has become a renowned reference both for young professionals and for European audiovisual companies seeking new business talent.

Number of students: +/- 25 per year

Course structure: 10 months, composed of a 3-month residential training period, a 6-month internship period and a final evaluation module. The course includes online follow up during the 10 months.

Number of teachers: +/- 60 per course

Admission and entry requirements: MEGA Plus is geared to young producers, recent film school or university graduates who wish to accelerate their careers and to film executives who want to update their skills to face the radical changes that are taking place in the audiovisual business.

Participants must be fluent in written and spoken English, the working language during the course.  A certificate of competency in English is not required.

Participation fees: €8,000.

A deposit of €2,000 is required against the cost of your fees on confirmation of your place.

  1. Marketing & International Distribution (M&ID).

Programme objective and content: M&ID is a project-based programme geared to experienced film industry professionals wishing to develop smart, engaging and innovative international marketing and distribution strategies for projects, which are determined by the audience for that project. M&ID is designed to embrace the opportunities that digital media and cross-platform strategies offer to optimise the visibility and exploitation of projects across markets. The course is designed with and delivered by leading European and US professionals from both the independent and studio distribution sector. M&ID provides participants with detailed insight into the latest marketing trends, distribution and international sales strategies, audiences and consumer behaviour, new and niche markets, new business models and market and festival strategies.

Number of students: +/- 25 per year

Course structure: m&id is structured as a 5-day residential training period, online consultation over 4-6 months, and Market/investor forum project presentations –for projects selected by the collaborating markets or investor forums.

Number of teachers: +/- 12 per course

Admission and entry requirements: The course is addressed to entertainment sector entrepreneurs, producers and company executives, with experience in production, marketing, distribution, exhibition, sales or acquisitions.

Participants must be fluent in written and spoken English, the working language during the course.  A certificate of competency in English is not required.

Participation fees: €1,800. The course fees include accommodation, meals, ground transport from/to the airport and accident insurance.

School information:


Media Business School / Fundación Cultural Media

c/ Antonio Acuña 19, esc. dcha – 1º Izq.

28009 Madrid – SPAIN

T: +34 91 575 95 83

F: +34 91 431 33 03



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