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VIA University College

actualización 10/03/2014

VIA University College

Presentation and Philosophy:

VIA’s animation degree programmes are located at The Animation Workshop, which has more than 20 years of experience – and the brand-new degree programme called “Multiplatform Storytelling and Production” will be based in Aarhus.

The storytelling and animation degree programmes are founded on a wide network of professionals from all over the world, who carry out the teaching as well as taking part in development work. This ensures a direct connection with the business and the latest tendencies worldwide.

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The animation degree programmes include a number of placement periods – both in Denmark and abroad. This provides access to the latest knowledge and the opportunity to establish a strong international network. One of the constant points of focus is that the students should be equipped to work at the highest international level, and the internationally famous animation director Richard Williams has called the educational environment in Viborg one of the most dedicated animation centres in the world.

Storytelling is a brand-new international degree programme focusing on interaction between various forms of filmic storytelling across a variety of digital platforms. The programme is based at Film by Aarhus with the focus on production from the very first day.

Number of students/ full-time/ part-time workshops: 20,000

Number of students in film/animation studies:  350-400

Number of international students: 2,000 international students from 50 different countries. 25% - 30% of BA students in animation are international

Number of teachers: +/- 150

Degree category/length of studies:

Character Animation (CA), 3  ½ years, 210 ECTS points

Computer Graphic Arts (CGA), 3  ½ years, 210 ECTS points

Graphic Storytelling, 4 years, 240 ECTS points


Programme objective and content:

It is important that applicants understand which program is best suited for them. The main difference between the two programs in Animation is that the Character Animators focus on movement and acting with characters, while the Computer Graphic Artists focus on scenography and character construction. Simply speaking,

- Character Animators make the characters come alive through drawings or working with models. They learn how to make the audience believe that the character is alive with feelings and personality. It is the animator who creates the magic and empathy of the audience.

- Computer Graphic Artists focus on concepts and designs, and they learn to build backgrounds, sets and characters in 3D. They develop everything that doesn’t move in animated films or games creating fully finished concepts, characters and backgrounds. The CG Artists give the film or the game the final look.

- Graphic Storytelling is the art of telling stories through sequential art – in other words, sequences of images that tell a coherent story. The graphic storyteller works with both manuscript and images and the interplay between these so that his or her vision is understood by the reader.

Nevertheless, there are many overlapping courses and students are given some freedom to develop skills within their interests.


Admission and entry requirements:

When applying for a Bachelor’s Degree Program at The Animation Workshop, you must apply through KOT - the Danish Ministry's official application portal at You must also submit a letter of intention in English which includes your preferred program of study and a link to your digital portfolio (Character Animation, Computer Graphic Arts or Graphic Storytelling). All required education and language certificates must be attached as well.

The application form is available from February 1st and the final deadline is March 15th at 12:00 pm Danish time. Following the deadline on March 15th, an admissions committee will select applicants for a test and interview. A letter informing all applicants regarding whether or not they have been invited to admissions test and interview will be sent in late April. The tests and interviews take place from May 13th to May 17th.

The admission test lasts 3 hours. The interview is focused on portfolio, test and motivation for applying


School Information:

The Animation Workshop

Kasernevej 5
DK-8800 Viborg


Telephone: (+45) 87 55 49 00



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