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Claudio Bisio se pone tras las cámaras para dirigir L’ultima volta che siamo stati bambini


- El popular actor hace su debut como director con una película basada en la novela de Fabio Bartolomei, ambientada durante la incursión al gueto de Roma en 1943 y producida por Solea, Bartleby y Medusa

Claudio Bisio se pone tras las cámaras para dirigir L’ultima volta che siamo stati bambini
Vincenzo Sebastiani, Carlotta De Leonardis y Alessio Di Domenicoantonio en L’ultima volta che siamo stati bambini (© Paolo Ciriello)

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The past few days have seen shooting wrap on L’ultima volta che siamo stati bambini, Claudio Bisio’s first directorial effort based upon Fabio Bartolomei’s book of the same name. Produced by Solea, Bartleby Film and Medusa Film (who will also distribute the title), the movie was shot in Tuscany and the Lazio region over the course of 7 weeks. The cast stars Alessio Di Domenicoantonio, Vincenzo Sebastiani, Carlotta De Leonardis, Lorenzo Mc Govern, Federico Cesari and Marianna Fontana.

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“When I read Fabio Bartolomei’s book”, Bisio explains, “I laughed and I cried. In short, I fell in love with it and thought it should be shown on screen. My enthusiasm first infected Sandra Bonzi from Solea and then Massimo di Rocco from Bartleby Film and, lastly, Gianpaolo Letta from Medusa, who didn’t just decide to support the project, he also talked me into trying my hand at directing. Me? Direct a film set during the 1943 ghetto raid and led by four children? I thought it was madness. But ultimately, it was an incredible and emotional adventure which I approached with humility and respect, and from which I’ve emerged enriched, both from a personal and professional perspective”.

In the book, Cosimo, Italo and Vanda are barely ten years old, full of dreams and a desire to discover the world, exuding the carefree nature that’s typical of childhood, yet trapped in the Second World War. As the entire nation falters, these three youngsters who have seen a friend of theirs die, are clear on one thing: they must set off on a rescue mission. Their flight will give rise to a second desperate rescue mission, led by a nun and a convalescing soldier who immediately set out to find them. Their hopes of catching up with these tiny fugitives in just a few hours prove inexcusably misplaced. Armed with the recklessness which is true to all children, a friendship which grows stronger every day, a mysterious map and dogged determination, Cosimo, Italo and Vanda proceed with their mission, buffeted between daring adventures and the thirst for a freedom which comes at high cost.

The film’s story comes courtesy of Fabio Bartolomei and Fabio Bonifacci, while the screenplay is penned by Fabio Bonifacci and Claudio Bisio. Set designed is entrusted to Paola Comencini, photography is that of Italo Pietriccione, and costumes are in the hands of Beatrice Giannini.

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