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El Netherlands Film Fund invierte 7,9 millones de euros en 19 nuevas producciones


- Estas contribuciones están destinadas a generar más de 30,2 millones de euros en gasto de producción en los Países Bajos

El Netherlands Film Fund invierte 7,9 millones de euros en 19 nuevas producciones
El director Michiel van Erp, que ha recibido 1.260.200 euros en financiación para A Beautiful Imperfection

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The Netherlands Film Fund has announced the recipients of its latest round of funding. On this occasion, the body has awarded €7.9 million, split among 19 new projects. These contributions are estimated to generate over €30.2 million in production spend in the country across the entire field of Dutch film professionals and film companies.

The selected projects include 14 fiction features, two documentary features and three drama series. Thirteen of these are international co-productions.

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A US-Dutch co-production, John DeBello’s Rising Tide, is in receipt of the grant of the biggest magnitude (€1,288,568). Produced by Loma Media and New Ams Film Company, the story revolves around two American brothers visiting Holland. They will find themselves ensnared in a deadly mystery which will reveal the last great secret of World War II. A similar amount (€1,260,200) was allocated to Michiel van Erp’s A Beautiful Imperfection, produced by Kaap Holland Film, and co-produced by Belgium’s Eyeworks Film & TV Drama and Italy’s Kino Produzioni. Penned by Arthur Japin and Ursula Rani Sarma, the feature will follow the vicissitudes of Lucia, Giacomo Casanova’s first and greatest love, who left Italy for Amsterdam after her face was disfigured by smallpox. Sixteen years later, once she has reinvented herself as a veiled courtesan known as Galathée, the two meet again.

The other feature-length projects supported by the agency are Jan-Willem van Ewijk’s existential adventure Alpha (€326,471, staged by BALDR film), Jorien van Nes’s documentary The Art of Stealing (€149,715, produced by Submarine Docs and co-produced by Romania’s Alexander Nanau Productions), Martijn Smits’ family flick The Biggest Slime Movie Ever (€204,960, a New Be presentation), Bénédicte Liénard and Mary Jiménez’s drama Fuga (€60,000, produced by Belgium’s Clin d’oeil Films and co-produced by Dutch outfit SNG Film with Peru’s Perpetua Film and France’s Tu Vas Voir), Susanne Opstal’s documentary Where We Belong (€90,177, produced by Halal Docs), Fien Troch’s drama Holly (€110,894, produced by Belgium’s Prime Time, and co-produced by Dutch firms Topkapi Films and Tabiki Films with Belgium’s Les Films du Fleuve), Albert Jan van Rees’ coming-of-age tale Just Like in the Movies (€615,933, produced by KeyFilm and co-produced by Belgium’s Prime Time), Amat Escalante’s drama Lost in the Night (€59,356, produced by Mexico’s Pimienta Films, and co-produced by Lemming Film, Germany’s Match Factory Productions and Denmark’s Snowglobe), Stefanie Kolk’s maternity story Milk (€335,360, a Lemming Film production), Désirée Nosbusch’s drama Poison (€305,615, produced by Luxembourg’s Deal Productions, and co-produced by British outfit Studio Hamburg UK and Dutch firm Phanta Film), Anna van der Heide’s drama Rocco & Julia (€401,565, produced by Phanta Film and co-produced by Bos Bros), Guido van Driel’s When We Lost to the Germans (€385,092, an adaptation of the helmer’s book of the same name produced by Family Affair Films and co-produced by Belgian outfit Polar Bear), Juri Rechinsky’s cinematic poem Utopia (€67,607, produced by Austria’s Horse & Fruits Filmproduktie, and co-produced by Ukraine’s Pronto Film and Revolver Amsterdam) and Tim Mielants’ war drama Will (€245,000, produced by Menuetto, Lecter Scripted Media and Belgium’s Minds Meet, and co-produced by Topkapi Films, Poland’s K&K Selekt Film and Belgium’s Les Films du Fleuve).

Finally, the fund backed three high-end drama series – namely, Mathieu Mortelmans and Frederike Migom’s 10x45-minute Alter Ego (€384,379, produced by Column Film and Belgium’s A Team Productions), Frank van Passel’s 5x50-minute The Jewish Council (€1,106,662, staged by Levitate Film and co-produced by Belgium’s Caviar Film) and Aniëlle Webster’s 10x25-minute Metropia (€542,570, an NL Film & TV presentation).

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