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TORONTO 2021 Discovery

EXCLUSIVA: Tráiler de Anatolian Leopard, seleccionada en Toronto


- El primer largometraje del director turco Emre Kayiş se estrenará en la sección Discovery del festival canadiense

EXCLUSIVA: Tráiler de Anatolian Leopard, seleccionada en Toronto
Anatolian Leopard, de Emre Kayis

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At Turkey’s oldest zoo, a lonely manager and a withdrawn female officer form an unlikely bond: as they hide the death of the zoo’s oldest inhabitant, an Anatolian leopard, in order to stop the privatization process and fake its escape, they set in motion an absurd charade that spins out of control. In Turkey’s grey and quiet capital, the ghost of the leopard persists.

This is the synopsis of Anatolian Leopard [+lee también:
ficha de la película
, directed by Turkey's Emre Kayis and selected in the Discovery section of the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival. It was produced by Olena Yershova and Büke Akşehirli for Turkey's TatoFilm, and co-produced by Kanat Doğramaci for Asteros Film (Turkey), Maria Blicharska for Donten & Lacroix Films (Poland), Tanja Georgieva for Elemag Film (Germany) and Jon Hammer for Adomeit Film (Denmark).

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“This story is about the wounded, bleeding ground I live on. I made a film about people who are under threat of extinction. For me, Anatolian Leopard is another pretext to contemplate human and country’s nature,” the director says in the film’s press kit.

Anatolian Leopard is represented by French world sales agent Luxbox.

Check out our exclusive trailer below:

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