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La Writers’ Room de MIDPOINT abre su convocatoria


- El taller, dedicado a formar participantes en la escritura y ofrecer conocimiento práctico sobre la organización de una writer's room, acepta inscripciones hasta el 15 de agosto

La Writers’ Room de MIDPOINT abre su convocatoria
Una edición previa de la Writers’ Room de MIDPOINT

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Dedicated to the writing and development of scripted series, the Writers’ Room is one of the MIDPOINT Institute’s programmes and is now launching its third edition.

Designed not only to train participants in specialised writing skills but also to offer practical knowledge about the organisation of a writers’ room, stimulate the creative process and spark new ideas, MIDPOINT Writers’ Room will take place in Prague from 18-23 October (should an online format be necessary, the dates will be extended from 11-22 October). During these five training days, a series of lectures will be organised, along with the simulation of a writers’ room, including plotting and writing exercises.

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The programme is aimed at writers and producers with the ambition of becoming hired writers’ room members or showrunners, without a particular project in development. The participants will be able to enhance their craft and writing skills, and will become acquainted with the structure, hierarchy and processes of a writers’ room from two different perspectives. As graduates, they will have acquired knowledge and skills connected to the processes occurring during scripted series writing, such as creative teamwork, joint brainstorming, and creating or following one unified narrative voice and vision, as well as the structuring of a series episode itself.

Talking about last year’s experience at MIDPOINT Writers’ Room, 2020 alumnus Christos Kardana (UK) mentioned: “To be part of a real-life simulation of writers' rooms and training is priceless in an industry where gaining work and access to such experiences is notoriously difficult. It’s a great opportunity that is both invaluable and inspiring in equal measure.”

Miha Šubic (Slovenia) remarked: “In the writers’ room, our tutors guided us through the different methods and situations involved in writing a TV series. I learned how to develop, structure and break a series down, episode by episode. And I also learned how to put my ego aside and collaborate. Yes, writing can be a collaborative activity; as a screenwriter, I tend to forget that.”

For Fabrizio Muscia (Italy), “the Writers’ Room programme was a moment of revelation. Working with other talented writers and established showrunners to create something out of thin air – like the entire season of a series or a pilot episode – made me realise that I'm ready to take on the real thing.”

The deadline for applications is Sunday 15 August, and you can find more information here. You may also contact the programme coordinator, Katarína Tomková (click here). Inevitably, the programme’s schedule and the form it takes will depend on the development of the pandemic situation.

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