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Anica Academy anuncia cursos formativos en colaboración con grandes agentes de la industria


- La asociación italiana formará a jóvenes profesionales en desarrollo, escritura, producción, postproducción, distribución, derechos y márketing, con la ayuda de Netflix, RAI y más

Anica Academy anuncia cursos formativos en colaboración con grandes agentes de la industria
La secretaria general de Anica Academy, Francesca Medolago Albani

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An unprecedented alliance to create "a new space to respond to the demand for increasingly qualified candidates in the audiovisual domain”, has been initiated by Anica Academy, an Italian training initiative which seeks to provide basic and highly specialized expertise in the various trades and professions of the audiovisual industry. Established towards the end of 2020, the project also places focus on inclusion, both in terms of gender and socio-economic background. Together with Anica - the original founder of Anica Academy - Netflix, RAI, Viacom Cbs, Medusa and Vision Distribution are also involved in the initiative and will be covering all costs in the early stages of its launch.

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“We’re not looking to compete with bodies already working within the world of professional education and training”, Anica President Francesco Rutelli explained during an online press conference, “but rather to stand alongside them and to work with these existing groups – such as Centoautori, Writers Guild Italia, the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia) – in order to provide training in the various sector domains”.  From authorial proficiency to production, and from post-production to marketing, their aim is to produce "dozens of new candidates who are increasingly skilled and able to compete in a context that’s changing at breakneck speed".

One of the main focal points of the alliance, emphasises Anica Academy’s Secretary General Francesca Medolago Albani, "is writing, and then, over time, we intend to cater to the full range of different skills required by the industry”. Indeed, registration has already opened for a three-month workshop which will begin at the end of September and will explore how writers’ rooms are created for new series. The cost of the course will be covered by study grants, whereas subsequent courses and workshops will need to be paid for, though costs will be limited and several study grants will still be available. This event is open to professional screenwriters who are under 35, who will then be subject to a selection process.

Meanwhile, an eight-month course aimed at young graduates between the ages of 18 and 24 is set to kick off at some point between October and November this year (the call for applications will be announced mid-June), aimed at providing an exhaustive overview of the audiovisual process and involving the creation of a final project, as well as the possibility of an internship. And a further workshop for screenwriters is scheduled to take place in January, this time for the under 40s, focusing on the preparation of pitches for producers.

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