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Il quinto sapore (Umami) se rueda en Malta

- La tercera película de Angelo Frezza, la historia de una caótica editora y un fascinante crítico gastronómico, empezará el 19 de octubre en Malta

Il quinto sapore (Umami) se rueda en Malta
El director Angelo Frezza

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Filming will begin in Malta on 19 October on The Fifth Taste (Umami), directed by Angelo Frezza (Sweet Sweet Marja) and starring Karin Proia, Angelo Orlando, Daphne Scoccia and Antonella Laganà, the latter also being an associate producer on the film. Filming will last three weeks before moving to Ascoli for another two weeks.

The film centres on Anna Cardinali, a chaotic editor, and Alessandro Montagna, a fascinating food critic and an expert of the "Fifth Taste", the mysterious umami. The two have been working together without speaking for about ten years, ever since the man failed to show up on their wedding day. For a long time, Alessandro has been trying to get closer to Anna, sending her a letter every month with his apologies and an invitation to dinner, while Anna deals with her own problems, struggling with Luigi Policastro, a once promising writer she is in love with. Things take a turn when Alessandro, suffering from ALS, is forced to hire the young student Matteo as an assistant while Anna finds herself having to look after her seventeen-year-old niece Nina, suffering from eating disorders, after the death of her brother Bruno. The paths of the four characters cross when Matteo prepares an umami-based dinner for Nina and, perhaps thanks to the Fifth Taste, almost as inexplicable as love itself, everything eventually works out for the best.

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The story of The Fifth Taste (Umami) is by Francesco Bonelli, the screenplay was written by Umberto Riccioni Carteni and Elena Costa, the cinematography is handled by Claudio Sabatini, the set design and costumes by Adelaide Stazi, the editing by Gianni Del Popolo, and the score by Valerio Minicillo.

This will be Frezza’s third feature, after Dolcemente complicate (2019) and Sweet Sweet Marja, a first work based on his previous short film, La piantina, and which created a bit of controversy when two senators from the centre-right accused the film of trying to “normalise marijuana.”

The Fifth Taste (Umami) is produced by Giovanna Emidi at G&E Film Production, with the contribution of Regione Marche, Assessorato al Turismo, Sport e Spettacolo and of the Malta Film Commission. The film will be distributed in Italy via Whale Distribution and in China via Shanghai Seniu Media Co. Ltd. International distribution is handled by 108 Media of Singapore.

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