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El gobierno holandés sale al rescate del sector cinematográfico nacional


- Las medidas forman parte de un programa de apoyo de 300 millones de euros para revivir las industrias culturales y creativas del país

El gobierno holandés sale al rescate del sector cinematográfico nacional
La Ministra de cultura holandesa Ingrid van Engelshoven

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On 27 May, Dutch Minister of Culture Ingrid van Engelshoven announced the details of an additional €300 million support package aimed at protecting the country’s cultural and creative industries. The aid package was presented in a letter addressed to the parliament and in a follow-up press release. As part of this support, the Netherlands Film Fund, the national film agency, can implement additional aid measures for the film sector, intended to mitigate the medium-term effects of the COVID-19 crisis.

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In particular, three of these provisions will help to revive the local film industry. Firstly, from the additional support earmarked for institutions and festivals that receive a multi-year subsidy from the six national culture funds, €5 million will be ring-fenced for payment to film producers and will be granted via the Netherlands Film Fund. Film festivals supported by the agency for several years are also being given extra support in line with a calculation method drawn up by the Ministry of Culture.

Secondly, the organisation has been asked by the Ministry of Culture to draw up a €3.5 million aid measure in order to support regional cinema infrastructure. This provision will partly compensate the theatres of the Netherlands Film Theatre Association, as well as a number of cinemas in the provinces, and will cover the period between March and May 2020. The municipalities and provinces are leading the way in this aid measure, and the body will provide matching support.

Finally, the minister will invest €11.8 million in the six national cultural funds to facilitate and foster new projects, work and assignments. This amount will be granted over and above the existing support. One-sixth (€1.96 million) is to be invested with the Netherlands Film Fund.

Further details about regulations, application procedures and amendments to the Financial and Production Protocol will follow on the agency’s official website in the coming days.

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