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Racconti #9: el Script Lab de IDM apuesta por el desarrollo de largometrajes


- Se abren las candidaturas para guionistas y directores profesionales y emergentes para construir sus propios proyectos cinematográficos con expertos internacionales

Racconti #9: el Script Lab de IDM apuesta por el desarrollo de largometrajes

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Proposing compelling stories by way of new storytelling approaches, developing the visual style of participants’ feature films, working on the productive process, sketching out a funding and distribution plan, presenting participating projects to international partners and potential investors during a final pitching session… In short, everything that’s involved in the phase preceding a film shoot. “Racconti”, now at its ninth edition, has shifted its gaze from TV series to the development of feature films – a focus reminiscent of the first ever Script Lab organised by the IDM - Alto Adige Film Fund & Commission.

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The Lab is an excellent opportunity for professional and emerging screenwriters and directors of all nationalities who, accompanied by their producer, will be able to develop their own film projects by way of group sessions, one-to-one meetings with international experts and high-level masterclasses.

IDM gives candidates a chance to develop their films in an international environment, steered by mentors working within the sector. The main aim of the programme is to guide participants through the entire creative process involved in developing a project: writing, production, marketing strategies and audience engagement. During the final event, candidates will have the opportunity to talk with potential co-producers, VOD platforms or broadcasters who wish to become part of the production team alongside the production company which holds the rights to the project.

The call for potential candidates for Racconti | IDM Script Lab is now online until 17 June 2020. Authors/directors with experience in the field of scriptwriting can submit their applications as part of a team also comprising a producer (with a maximum of 2 people per team). Projects submitted for each application should also, potentially, be shot in the Alto Adige region and already have links to an independent producer or production company. A total of three projects, presented by as many teams, will be selected and given the opportunity to develop their ideas with the help of a large group of experts, over the course of three workshops.

The three residential workshops of which Racconti #9 is composed will be held in the Alto Adige region, each lasting four days. In between each workshop, further online writing activities will be organised. Each seminar will be dedicated to a different segment of the development process, as follows:

Session 1, November 2020: The first workshop will be dedicated to the development of the project. The entire team will be guided by a script consultant so as to create a strong and compelling story;

Session 2, January 2021: In the second workshop, participants will explore different opportunities and funding strategies. Experts will provide updates on the legal sphere, on international practices in the field of co-production and on public and private funding schemes. This advice is geared towards producers, while writers and directors will continue work on developing their screenplays with the relevant tutor;

Session 3, March 2021: The third and final workshop is devoted to elaborating a marketing and distribution strategy. Participants will be given a comprehensive overview of current market trends in terms of targeting and project positioning within the international film landscape. Participants will also prepare for the presentation of their projects in the final pitching session planned within Incontri #10, IDM’s annual Film Conference where participating sector professionals can grab a first look at the three developed projects.

Script Lab is held in English. The programme charges a participation fee of €800 per team, which includes room and board throughout the three workshops. Participants must take responsibility for travel costs and personal expenses.

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