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VISIONS DU RÉEL 2020 Visions du Réel Industry

Visions du Réel anuncia el programa de su sección profesional online


- Los eventos de industria del certamen, que tendrá lugar del 25 al 30 de abril, darán la bienvenida a 15 proyectos seleccionados en Pitching du Réel, nueve en Docs in Progress y cuatro en Rough Cut Lab

Visions du Réel anuncia el programa de su sección profesional online
A Little Love Package, de Gastón Solnicki, que ha sido seleccionado para el Pitching du Réel

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The Nyon-based Visions du Réel Festival (17 April-2 May), which has announced that both its film and industry programme will move online due to the COVID-19 outbreak (see the news), has revealed the 28 documentary projects that will be presented in the period 25-30 April.

The projects are traditionally split into three groups. Pitching du Réel, an international co-production forum for creative documentaries intended for theatrical distribution and TV broadcasting, will showcase 15 projects; Docs in Progress will screen nine projects at the finishing stage to industry professionals who will have a chance to set up individual meetings with project teams; and in the Rough Cut Lab section, four creative-documentary projects at the rough-cut stage will be presented to industry professionals in order to get specific feedback and advice. For the full list, please scroll down.

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The press release from Visions du Réel Industry states that the selections are only composed of projects that are being presented for the first time at this stage of their development, which has prompted the question of whether they have introduced a sort of world-premiere requirement for the projects to take part in their platform. However, co-head of industry Gudula Meinzolt says that they always made sure that the selected projects were "new" so that all of the professionals attending will be able to discover something they are interested in.

"This is actually not a new decision; we have just communicated it in a clearer way now," Meinzolt told Cineuropa. "Visions du Réel gives priority to projects that are being presented for the first time at this stage, so our platform can be as fertile and efficient as possible. We want to be a good means of support for the projects and teams, and that is why we are in close contact with them and are following their development. We are looking at what they would need at which moment, and in which sense VdR could be useful and effective. This is why we have different activities with a different method and type of presentation, in order to present them at the right moment and in the right context."

Below is the full list of projects that will be presented at Visions du Réel Industry.

Pitching du Réel

A Little Love Package - Gastón Solnicki
Producer: Paolo Calamita, Little Magnet Films (Austria)

Ethel - Mohamed Siam
Producer: Patricia Drati, Good Company Pictures (Egypt/France/Denmark)

Fading Youth with Fresco - Monica Zhu, Li Zhe
Producer: Clarissa Zhang, Golden Lining Films (China)

I Dreamt of a Nation - Bigna Tomschin
Producers: Mathieu Dolenc, Andrea Schütte, Tamtam Film; Sarah Born, Catpics Ltd (Switzerland/Germany/India)

Machtat - Sonia Ben Slama
Producers: Cécile Lestrade, Elise Hug, Alter Ego Production; Tania El Khoury, Khamsin Films (France/Lebanon)

Nightcrawlers - Petter Aaberg, Sverre Kvamme
Producers: Carsten Aanonsen, Even Benestad, Indie Film (Norway)

Nobody Wants to be a Fireman - Vincent Pouplard
Producers: Emmanuelle Jacq, A Perte de Vue; Jeremiah Cullinane, Planet Korda Pictures (France/Ireland)

Our Little Palestine - Abdallah Al-Khatib
Producers: Jean-Laurent Csinidi, Films de Force Majeure; Ali Atassi, Bidayyat for Audiovisual Arts (Syria/Lebanon/France/Qatar)

Paradise - Alexander Abaturov
Producer: Rebecca Houzel, Petit à Petit Production (France/Russia)

PEPE, The Imagination of the Third Cinema - Nelson Carlo de los Santos
Producer: Pablo Lozano, Monte y Culebra SRL (Dominican Republic)

Reas - Lola Arias
Producer: Gema Juarez Allen, Gema Films (Argentina)

Rebbellion - Keren Chernizon
Producer: Illia Gladshtein, Phalanstery Films (Ukraine)

The Mission - Tania Moilanen
Producers: Isabella Karhu, Juho-Pekka Tanskanen, Danish Bear Productions (Finland)

The Song of Breathing - Simona Canonica
Producer: Michela Pini, Amka Films Productions SA (Switzerland)

Voice of Baceprot - Yosep Anggi Noen
Producer: Yulia Evina Bhara, KawanKawan Media (Indonesia)

Docs in Progress

Children of Huaqiangbei - Qinyuan Lei
Producer: Julian Moser, moserfilm (Germany/China)

Dark Red Forest - Jin Huaqing
Producers: Jin Huaqing, Li Xinyi, Jin Huaqing Studio (China)

First Cuts Are the Deepest - Sopawan Boonimitra, Peerachai Kerdsint
Producers: Primrin Puarat, John Badalu, Dream Sequenze (Thailand)

How to Have an American Baby - Leslie Tai
Producers: Leslie Tai, Leslie Tai Productions; Jillian Schultz, Two Tigers Productions (USA)

Notes for a Film - Ignacio Agüero
Producers: Amalric de Pontcharra, Tehani Staiger, Aguero & Asociado Ltd; Elisa Sepulveda, FULGURANCE (Chile/France)

The Dust of Modern Life - Franziska Von Stenglin
Producers: Lucas Tothe, Punchline Cinéma; Simona Daniel, Umlaut Films (Vietnam/ France/Germany)

The Miracle of Almería - Moon Blaisse
Producer: Emmy Oost, Cassette for Timescapes (Belgium/Netherlands/Switzerland)

Malintzin 17 - Eugenio Polgovsky, Mara Polgovsky
Producer: Mara Polgovsky, Tecolote Films (Mexico)

We Are Inside - Farah Kassem
Producer: Cynthia Choucair, Road2films (Lebanon/Qatar/Denmark)

Rough Cut Lab

Last Days at Sea - Venice Atienza
Editor: Anna Magdalena Silva
Producers: Venice Atienza, Fan Wu, Svemirko Film Productions (Philippines)

Paris Is My Garden - Mamounata Nikiema
Editor: Marion Boe
Producers: Mamounata Nikiema, Pilumpiku Production; Sylvie Plunian, Les Films de la Pluie (Burkina Faso/France)

ROMA - Olha Zhurba
Producers: Darya Bassel, Viktoriia Khomenko, LLС Moon Man (Ukraine/Netherlands/ Denmark)

The Second Jewish State - Ben Neufeld
Producers: Maggie Corona-Goldstein, Solomon Turner, Hello Benjamin Films (USA, Israel/Palestine/Palestinian Territories)

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