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BLACK NIGHTS 2019 Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

Industry@Tallinn Works in Progress presenta ocho nuevos proyectos internacionales


- Ocho películas en desarrollo de todo el mundo dieron forma al catálogo del Industry@Tallinn International Works in Progress

Industry@Tallinn Works in Progress presenta ocho nuevos proyectos internacionales
Hungry Saints, de Marc Wilkins

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The Industry@Tallinn International Works in Progress pitching session of this year's Black Nights Film Festival showcased eight new film projects this year, coming from places as diverse as Turkey, Argentina and Kyrgyzstan amongst others and showcasing mainly young female characters in the lead.

Turkey introduced a characteristically tense character drama in Deskmate, the new film by Ferit Karahan (The Death of Black Horses, The Fall from Heaven), centred on a desolate boarding school where repressive educational measures come to the surface when a student falls ill but cannot get the help they need, unable to bypass school bureaucracy and unfavourable weather.

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Meanwhile, Latin America had a strong showing, with three projects focusing on characters from the region. Although Hungry Saints, the first feature by Swiss-British director Marc Wilkins (winner of the 2017 Swiss Film Prize for Best Short Film for his latest short Bon Voyage), is a Swiss-American co-production, the film’s protagonists are a Peruvian family of a mother and her two sons, living in New York, with the pair of boys trying to reach adulthood and find a purpose. Two Argentinian projects — Clarisa NavasOne in a Thousand [+lee también:
ficha del filme
and Lucas Turturro’s French Braid — both centre on a pair of teenage girls, going through a turmoil of feelings, love, rivalry and betrayal.

The strong female presence continued with Brownie, directed by Germany’s Sarah Blasskiewitz (known for her 2016 medium-length film Blank), a film about racial tension and identity in Germany (again, two sisters); Hilda, a first feature directed by UK’s Rishi Pelham, with a title character trying to juggle parental responsibilities and the unwillingness to let go of the party life, while threatened by looming poverty; and Far Frontiers, directed by Russia’s Maxim Dashkin, in which a middle-aged woman, Maria, is caught between her son and her lovers.

The line-up was rounded up by Slovak project Stand Up, by emerging director Juraj Bohuš, a dramedy about a stand up comedian’s relationship with his newly-found prodigal daughter from the USA who crashes into his life and makes him question his own egotistical set of values (read more about it here).

Some of these projects were among the winning titles of the edition (read news).

Here is the full list of International Works in Progress projects:

Deskmate - Ferit Karahan
Production company: Asteros Film (Turkey), Flama Booking (Romania)

Hungry Saints - Marc Wilkins
Production company: Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion (Switzerland)

One in a Thousand [+lee también:
ficha del filme
- Clarisa Navas
Production company: Varsovia Films (Argentina), Autentika Films (Germany)

French Braid - Lucas Turturro
Production company: Aleph Cine (Argentina)

Brownie - Sarah Blasskiewitz
Production company: Weydemann Bros. GmbH (Germany)

Hilda - Rishi Pelham
Production company: Odds On Productions (United Kingdom)

Far Frontiers - Maxim Dashkin
Production company: Victoria Films (Russia) and Salt Studio (Kyrgyzstan)

Stand Up - Juraj Bohuš
Production company: Silverart (Slovakia)

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