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EFADs pide una mejora en la ley de derechos de autor


- En inglés: La asociación exige más apoyo a la educación cinematográfica, el patrimonio audiovisual, y a un mercado justo, diverso y transparente

EFADs pide una mejora en la ley de derechos de autor

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The European Film Agency Directors (EFADs) have launched a paper calling on Europe’s policy makers, the European Commission and leading audio-visual organisations to work together in ensuring a copyright framework is established that is fit for the industry and audiences in the 21st century.

The key recommendations in the EFADs paper are to improve film education and the preservation of Europe’s audiovisual heritage in the digital age, and address challenges in the online sector.

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The paper was developed in the EFADs’ Film Education Working Group (FEWG) and reflects the knowledge and insights from national film funds from across Europe.

The EFADs welcome the proposed exception facilitating the use of audiovisual works for teaching purposes as a useful step for learners and teachers to use audiovisual works on secure and restricted platforms including across borders. They recognise and insist that fair remuneration of rights holders and creators should go in step with exercising this exception, and encourage the European Commission to:

  • Make film education a strategic policy objective and take an active part in the development of future film education policies as part of a 21st century educational agenda.
  • Set up a platform in partnership with the EFADs to facilitate the exchange of best practices in Member States’ film education policies.
  • Support awareness-raising campaigns to inform relevant authorities, teachers and learners about the use of audiovisual materials.

Paul Gerhardt, Coordinator of the FEWG, said: “The European Commission’s copyright exceptions are an important first step and we encourage policymakers to support them. The European Union must incorporate film education and the preservation of film heritage more clearly into its policy objectives. This is fundamental to the creation of a Digital Single Market and the promotion of European cultural diversity. We encourage the Commission to work in partnership with EFADs’ film funds and agencies at Member State level to develop effective film education and heritage policies fit for the digital age.”

EFADs paper backs the so called “value gap” proposals, calls on the European institutions to go further to prevent piracy, and supports a general principle of transparency to ensure fair remuneration for all participants in the value chain. The film agencies highlight that piracy and a lack of transparency of data on film performance pose serious risks to the sustainability of the audiovisual sector. They hinder fair remuneration, innovation, investment, creation and the circulation of Europe’s culturally diverse audiovisual works to the detriment of European audiences.

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