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29 November 2021

Black Nights 2021 – Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

REPORT: Baltic Event Works in Progress 2021

Black Nights 2021 – Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event/Awards

Lioness and You Can Dance among the winners of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

Black Nights 2021 – Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

REPORT: Industry@Tallinn Works in Progress 2021

26 November 2021

Industry / Market – Morocco/Europe

The Last Days of R.M. wins an award at the Atlas Workshops

25 November 2021

Industry / Market – Belgium/Burkina Faso

The Wallonia Brussels Federation signs a co-production agreement with Burkina Faso

Black Nights 2021 – Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

REPORT: Just Film Works in Progress 2021

Turin 2021 – Torino Film Industry

The fourth edition of Torino Film Industry gets ready to unfold in hybrid form

Industry / Market – Europe/India/Asia

Cineuropa helps to establish ties between India and Europe

24 November 2021

Industry / Market – Spain

The seventh edition of Ventana CineMad set to showcase 18 selected projects

Black Nights 2021 – Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

At Tallinn's European Film Forum, experts explore the new frontiers of virtual production

Black Nights 2021 – Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

Ampere Analysis’s Rahul Patel talks SVOD's internationalisation of popular TV shows and movies

23 November 2021

Black Nights 2021 – Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

Lifting the lid on the challenges of financing films and TV series at TV Beats

Black Nights 2021 – Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

TV Beats explores the current state of local language content and how to internationalise it

Zagreb 2021

The Zagreb Film Festival wraps up yet another diverse industry programme

19 November 2021

Cartoon 2021 – Cartoon 360

REPORT: Cartoon 360 2021

Cartoon 2021 – Cartoon 360

How can 360 strategies help children (and adults) fight climate change? The experts have their say

Cartoon 2021 – Cartoon 360

At Cartoon 360, Edouard Gaudel and Luc Verdier reveal how narrative video games can help expand your IPs

Gijón 2021 – FICX Pro

FICX Pro continues to give a leg up to emerging talents

18 November 2021

Cartoon 2021 – Cartoon 360

Cyber Group Studios’ experts uncover 360-degree brand strategies at Cartoon 360

Les Arcs 2021 – Industry Village

18 projects set to be showcased at the Les Arcs Film Festival’s Co-Production Village

Trieste 2022 – WEMW

WEMW introduces its new Inspirational Labs

17 November 2021

Industry / Market – France/Germany

13 film projects and 2 series grace the French-German Film Meetings line-up

Industry / Market – Slovakia/Germany

Munich Film Up! welcomes its first participants


MIDPOINT Smash Cut begins in Tallinn

16 November 2021

Márgenes 2021

Ten projects to be presented at the seventh MÁRGENES/WORK in Madrid

Zagreb 2021

Series Rough Pitch - The Balkan Way launched as part of the Zagreb and Ljubljana Film Festivals


MIDPOINT showcases its nine TV Launch projects at Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

Kids Kino Industry 2021

Kids Kino Lab opens its call for scholarships

Stockholm 2021 – Stockholm Industry Days

Stockholm kicks off three jam-packed industry days

15 November 2021

Industry / Market – Israel

Israel launches a 25% rebate to attract international shoots

Thessaloniki 2021 – Agora/Awards

Thessaloniki’s Agora reveals its award winners

11 November 2021

Zinebi 2021

Zinebi Networking. Dokumentalen Sorgunea organises its fourth edition, inviting seven upcoming documentary film projects

Industry / Market – France

Final stretch to apply for the Annual Groupe Ouest Selection

Industry / Market – Europe

UNIC, FIAD and Europa Distribution share their takes on the MAAP report

IDFA 2021 – IDFA for Professionals

The distribution of documentaries, under the spotlight of Europa Distribution at IDFA

10 November 2021

Industry / Market – France

The CNC creates a "Selective Platforms Fund"

Black Nights 2021 – Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event unveils its Works in Progress projects

08 November 2021

ARP Film Meetings 2021

Industry reps wrestle with the Gordian knot of funding and media chronology in France

Industry / Market – Europe

In Galway, European commissioning editors discuss how the documentary landscape has changed over the last 18 months

Jihlava 2021

REPORT: Czech Joy in the Spotlight @ Ji.hlava 2021

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