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20 September 2021

Festivals / Awards – Czech Republic

Mike Downey honoured with the Kristián Lifetime Achievement Award at Febiofest

Festivals / Awards – Germany

Faggots wins the Audacity Award at the Oldenburg Film Festival

Festivals / Awards – Estonia

Veiko Õunpuu’s The Last Ones wins big at the Estonian Film and Television Awards

Toronto 2021 – Awards

Belfast wins the People’s Choice Award at Toronto

17 September 2021

Namur 2021

The 36th Namur International French-Language Film Festival boasts a jam-packed programme

Festivals / Awards – Czech Republic

The latest crop of European episodic production to be showcased at Serial Killer

Beldocs 2021 – Awards

Landscapes of Resistance and This Rain Will Never Stop triumph at Beldocs

Festivals / Awards – Finland

Zaida Bergroth’s biopic Tove wins big at the Jussi Awards

16 September 2021

Festivals / Awards – Italy

The Visioni Dal Mondo International Documentary Festival kicks off in Milan

Zurich 2021

The Zurich Film Festival unveils a programme lending an important place to Hollywood glitz

Black Nights 2021 – Competition

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival announces the first six titles in its Official Selection

Festivals / Awards – Czech Republic

Prague International Film Festival – Febiofest to premiere the latest batch of Czech films

Oscars 2022

European titles submitted for the Oscars race

15 September 2021

AJB DOC 2021 – Awards

Wait for Me crowned as the champion at the fourth edition of AJB DOC

14 September 2021

Bif&st 2021

Bif&st announces a reduced but top-quality programme

Champs-Élysées 2021

The Champs-Elysées Film Festival blows out the candles on its 10th birthday cake

Festivals / Awards – Slovakia

Slovak and Hungarian cinema in the spotlight at the Cinematik Film Festival

Sofia 2021

The Sofia International Film Festival’s autumn edition emphasises physical presence

Festivals / Awards – Poland

Last Days of Spring picks up the Krakow Film Award at the 14th Mastercard OFF Camera Film Festival

13 September 2021

BRIFF 2021 – Awards

Limbo is the big winner at the 4th Brussels International Film Festival

Astra 2021 – Awards

The Astra Trophy goes to Burkinabe-French-German film Night Nursery

11 September 2021

Venice 2021 – Awards

Venice’s Golden Lion goes to Happening by Audrey Diwan

Venice 2021 – Awards

The 78th Venice Film Festival announces the winners of its parallel awards

Venice 2021 – Giornate degli Autori/Awards

Immaculate scoops the 2021 GdA Director’s Award

10 September 2021

Venice 2021 – International Film Critics’ Week/Awards

Arsalan Amiri’s Zalava comes out on top in Venice’s International Film Critics’ Week

Millennium Docs Against Gravity 2021 – Awards

Flee runs off with the Millennium Docs Against Gravity Grand Prix

09 September 2021

AJB DOC 2021

The fourth edition of AJB DOC is ready to get under way

08 September 2021

London 2021

The BFI London Film Festival returns to its prior pomp for its 65th edition

06 September 2021

Millennium Docs Against Gravity 2021

Millennium Docs Against Gravity kicks off its 18th edition in Poland

02 September 2021

Astra 2021

Eight films all set to compete for the Astra Trophy

31 August 2021

Festivals / Awards – Czech Republic

Dark stories from the past dominate the Czech Film Foundation’s competition for the best unproduced scripts

30 August 2021

Beyond Borders 2021 – Awards

Midnight Traveler wins at the 6th Beyond Borders Festival

Karlovy Vary 2021 – Awards

Serbian drama As Far as I Can Walk sweeps a handful of awards, including the top prize, at Karlovy Vary

27 August 2021

Haugesund 2021 – Awards

Swan Song, The Man Who Sold His Skin and CODA win awards at Haugesund

25 August 2021

Baltic Sea Docs 2021

The 25th Baltic Sea Docs announces its film selection

24 August 2021

Haugesund 2021

Flee, Any Day Now, Alma, Tigers and Gunda nominated for the Nordic Council Film Prize

European Film Awards 2021

EFA announces the first part of the 2021 European Film Awards selection

Angoulême 2021

The 14th fight for the Valois d’Or kicks off in Angoulême

23 August 2021

Haugesund 2021 – Awards

The Painter and the Thief comes out on top at the 2021 Amandas

San Sebastián 2021 – Competition

San Sebastián adds a batch of new films to its competition

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