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22 April 2021

Production / Funding – Finland

In the upcoming series Helsinki Syndrome, it's time to love your captor

Production / Funding – Sweden

NENT Group orders ice hockey legend Börje Salming biopic series

Production / Funding – France

Mohamed Hamidi to wrap shooting on Citoyen d'honneur

Production / Funding – Hungary

End of filming in sight for Mátyás Szabó’s Wandering Leaves

21 April 2021

Production / Funding – UK

Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern to star in Florian Zeller’s The Son

Production / Funding – Spain

David Marqués is back behind the camera for El club del paro

20 April 2021

Production / Funding – Italy

Shooting is underway on the series for Disney+ The Ignorant Angels

Production / Funding – France

Guillaume Nicloux shoots La Tour d’Assitan

19 April 2021

Production / Funding – Norway

Mikkel Brænne Sandemose and Cecilie Mosli prepping thriller series The Fortress

Production / Funding – Spain

Alegría, the latest project from first-time director Violeta Salama, has entered post-production

16 April 2021


Eurimages publishes a study on the feasibility, pertinence and design of a Lab Projects support programme

Production / Funding – Spain

Alexis Morante launches into fiction in El universo de Óliver

Production / Funding – France/Belgium

Philippe Lioret overcomes a series of obstacles to make 16 ans

15 April 2021

Production / Funding – Belgium

Olivier Ringer is shooting Les Gentils

Production / Funding – Italy/Luxembourg/Ireland

Animated series Klincus enters into production

14 April 2021

Production / Funding – Italy

Filming begins on Francesco Lettieri’s Lovely Boy

Production / Funding – France/Belgium

Filming on Mathias Gokalp’s L’Établi will soon draw to a close

13 April 2021

Production / Funding – Slovenia/Australia

Sara Kern starts filming the first-ever Slovenian-Australian co-production, Moja Vesna

Production / Funding – France

Thomas Salvador’s La montagne begins filming in May

Production / Funding – Latvia/Italy

Linda Olte’s drama flick Sisters in the works

Production / Funding – Italy

Alessio Cremonini is shooting Profeti

Production / Funding – Belgium

Wallimage supports the feature debut from Delphine Girard

12 April 2021

Production / Funding – Spain/Greece

Nely Reguera shooting her second film, El nieto

Production / Funding – Denmark

Frederik Nørgaard’s My Robot Brother set to become a sci-fi family flick and mobile game app

Production / Funding – Germany/France

The German-French film funding commission grants €950,000 to three co-productions

Production / Funding – France

Arte France Cinéma plumps for Frère et soeur by Arnaud Desplechin

Production / Funding – France

Jean-Pierre Améris shooting Les folies fermières

Production / Funding – Germany

The German Motion Picture Fund raises its budget to €30 million for international TV series and films

09 April 2021

Production / Funding – Italy

Italy's Ministry of Culture sets aside 5 million euros for minority co-productions

Production / Funding – France/Belgium

First clapperboard about to slam for Asterix & Obelix, the Middle Kingdom

Production / Funding – Germany

The German COVID-19 relief fund for filmmaking increases to a total of €100 million

Production / Funding – Italy

Filming begins on Massimo Donati’s Diario di spezie

08 April 2021

Production / Funding – Spain

Ángeles Reiné filming Héroes de barrio in Seville

Production / Funding – France/Belgium

Laure Calamy and Zita Hanrot star in Blandine Lenoir’s Annie Colère

Production / Funding – Finland/Bulgaria

Tonislav Hristov shoots his fiction debut, The Good Driver

07 April 2021

Production / Funding – Bulgaria

Ivaylo Penchev in post-production with the ensemble tragicomedy Uncle Christmas

Production / Funding – Spain

Santi Amodeo wraps the shoot for @Las_Gentiles

Production / Funding – Italy/Argentina/France

Shellac bets on The Tale of King Crab

Production / Funding – France

Léonor Serraille films Un petit frère

06 April 2021

Production / Funding – Slovakia

Lucia Kašová explores “the relationship between selfishness and freedom” on a Caribbean island in The Sailor

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