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7662 news (production / funding) available in total starting from 20/05/2002. Last updated on 26/05/2022. 522 news (production / funding) inserted in the last 12 months.

26 May 2022

Denmark/Sweden/Germany/Czech Republic

Zentropa-produced drama King’s Land to be toplined by Mads Mikkelsen

20 May 2022

Production / Funding – Italy

RAI Cinema reveals Pietro Marcello’s upcoming project L’ultimo fronte

17 May 2022

Production / Funding – Spain

Alberto Gastesi shooting his feature debut, La quietud de la tormenta


Wallimage: An ECOsystem at the service of the audiovisual industry

Production / Funding – Ukraine

Antonio Lukich in post-production with his second feature, Luxembourg Luxembourg

Production / Funding – UK/France/Belgium

Ken Loach commences shooting The Old Oak

16 May 2022

Production / Funding – Bulgaria/Italy

Pavel G Vesnakov in post-production with his second feature, Windless

12 May 2022

Production / Funding – Italy/USA

Netflix presents its new Italian headquarters and its upcoming projects

Production / Funding – Italy/France

Kirill Serebrennikov’s new effort to be Limonov, The Ballad of Eddie

Production / Funding – Germany/Switzerland/Austria/Luxembourg

Margarethe von Trotta shooting her new feature, Bachmann & Frisch

Production / Funding – Czech Republic/Slovakia

1930s crime-drama Dawn investigates the strange case of a dead, intersex embryo

11 May 2022

Production / Funding – Belgium/Netherlands/Poland

Filming under way for Wil by Tim Mielants

10 May 2022

Production / Funding – France/Belgium

Yolande Moreau back behind the camera for Même au milieu des ruines

Production / Funding – Ireland

Irish-set adaptation of Mid-August Lunch, Four Mothers, now filming in Dublin

Production / Funding – Montenegro/Serbia/Czech Republic/Croatia/Slovenia/North Macedonia

Ivan Marinović to start filming his second feature, Forever Hold Your Peace

09 May 2022

Production / Funding – Italy/France/UK

Daniel Brühl to star in Stefano Mordini’s rally-car drama 2 Win

Production / Funding – Slovakia/Czech Republic/Belgium

Peter Budinský finishes his animated fantasy adventure Journey to Yourland

06 May 2022

Production / Funding – Spain/France

Luis Tosar and Álex García wrap shooting on Fatum

Production / Funding – UK

Martin Scorsese to narrate documentary about British filmmaking duo Powell and Pressburger

Production / Funding – Sweden/USA/France

Series Cannes Confidential set to look beyond the luxury yachts

Production / Funding – Czech Republic/Slovakia/Switzerland

Viktor Tauš starts shooting his passion project American Chick

05 May 2022

Production / Funding – Belgium

The Wallonia-Brussels Federation Film and Audiovisual Centre tackles the new challenges of the recovery in its 2021 report

29 April 2022

Production / Funding – Italy

The first Italian in-house Sky Studios production Blocco 181 is hitting screens soon

Production / Funding – Czech Republic/Slovakia

Petr Hátle’s Mr. and Mrs. Stodola to map the perverted romance of a pair of serial killers

Production / Funding – Romania/France

Alexandru Belc explores teenage love in communist Romania in Metronom

28 April 2022

Production / Funding – France

Émilie Deleuze is shooting Cinq Hectares

Production / Funding – Latvia/Lithuania/Poland

Viesturs Kairišs’ latest effort, January, to premiere at Tribeca in June

Production / Funding – Turkey/Germany/France

Nehir Tuna’s feature debut, YURT, enters post-production

27 April 2022

Production / Funding – Belgium/France

Xavier Seron now shooting his second feature film Chiennes de vie

Production / Funding – Romania/Poland

Florin Şerban to release “feminine thriller” Hamlet later this year

Production / Funding – Czech Republic/Slovakia

David Jařab starts shooting the Heart of Darkness-inspired Snake Gas

Production / Funding – France

Héléna Klotz’s La Vénus d’argent scoops a CNC advance on receipts

26 April 2022

Production / Funding – Spain

Marta Díaz de Lope Díaz in post-production with Los buenos modales

Production / Funding – Belgium

Wallimage is backing Dany Boon’s new work

Production / Funding – UK/Germany

Vertigo Films and SquareOne Productions announce new vampire drag drama series Vamping

Production / Funding – Slovenia/Czech Republic/Italy

Nejc Gazvoda returns with Father Figure

Production / Funding – Latvia/USA/Luxembourg

Signe Baumane’s sophomore feature, My Love Affair With Marriage, set to premiere at Tribeca

Production / Funding – Belgium/Netherlands/Democratic Republic of the Congo/Germany/South Africa

Baloji is shooting Augure

Production / Funding – France/Canada

Antoine Bertrand soon to star in Petit Jésus

25 April 2022

Production / Funding – Spain/USA

Series based on the life of famous singer Miguel Bosé wraps shooting

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