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Tuija Halttunen  • Director of How to Kill a Cloud

"Clouds are like characters and they represent something larger than human understanding"

Tuija Halttunen • Director of How to Kill a Cloud

The Finnish director tells us how she made a film about ethics rather than science  

03/05/2021 | CPH:DOX 2021 | Nordic:Dox Award

Maciej Hamela • Co-director of Bless You!

"My co-director, Tatiana Chistova, and I depict the situation endured by Russian pensioners during the pandemic"

Maciej Hamela • Co-director of Bless You!

CANNES 2021: We talked to the winner of the brand-new Doc Alliance Award for Best Short Film at this...  

04/08/2021 | Cannes 2021 | Marché du Film

Bent Hamer  • Director

“He who carries the heaviest load is he who has nothing to carry”

Bent Hamer • Director

Cineuropa met up with Bent Hamer, the director of 1001 Grams, which has been picked to represent Norway in...  


Bent Hamer • Director


Bent Hamer • Director

Interview with Norwegian director Bent Hamer at the San Sebastian Film Festival 2010. The director talks...  


Bent Hamer • Director

"Going where the story takes you"

Bent Hamer • Director

Bent Hamer • Factotum's director  


Nick Hamm  • Director

“DeLorean was a part of the culture”

Nick Hamm • Director

VENICE 2018: We chatted to Northern Irish director Nick Hamm about Driven, his biopic about John DeLorean,...  

12/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Out of Competition

Gabriella Hámori • Actress

Shooting Star 2006 - Hungary

Gabriella Hámori • Actress


Maysaloun Hamoud  • Director

“Hypocrisy is everywhere, not only in the Muslim world”

Maysaloun Hamoud • Director

We met up with Maysaloun Hamoud, the young Palestinian director of In Between, which hits Italian screens...  


Nermin Hamzagić • Director of Full Moon

“I had the urge to speak about the dysfunctional society in Bosnia”

Nermin Hamzagić • Director of Full Moon

We spoke to Nermin Hamzagić, who is competing at the Zagreb Film Festival with Full Moon, a socially aware...  

13/11/2020 | Zagreb 2020

Yves Hanchar - director of the film No Hard Feelings!

Video - Brussels Festival 2009

Yves Hanchar - director of the film No Hard Feelings!

No Hard Feelings! was the local title chosen to screen at the French Community of Belgian Night  

Michael Haneke • Cannes 2005

Hidden truths

Michael Haneke • Cannes 2005

A film in tones as blue as a haematoma on the skin  


Michael Haneke • Director

"The subject matter is the way we live, the autism that afflicts us"

Michael Haneke • Director

CANNES 2017: Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke gives us some clarifications as to Happy End, being shown...  


Michael Haneke • Director

"A simple film"

Michael Haneke • Director

The Austrian filmmaker, who doesn't like analysing his work, gives us a few clues about Amour  


Mick Hannigan  • Festival co-director, IndieCork

“We have shown that we have a place within the ecosystem of the Irish film community”

Mick Hannigan • Festival co-director, IndieCork

We had a chat about the upcoming edition of the IndieCork Festival with Mick Hannigan, its co-director  

05/10/2018 | IndieCork 2018

Zita Hanrot • Actress

"I want to shoot my own movie in London and I'm looking for a producer"

Zita Hanrot • Actress

BERLINALE 2020: We have chatted to Zita Hanrot, the French participant in the 2020 Shooting Stars, about...  

03/03/2020 | Shooting Stars 2020

Marion Hänsel • Director

"The film tells the story of two journeys"

Marion Hänsel • Director

Interview with Belgian director Marion Hänsel to talk about her latest film, Upstream, starring Olivier...  


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