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Daniel Hoesl  • Director

“We want to make art and not a product”

Daniel Hoesl • Director

Cineuropa sat down with Austrian filmmaker Daniel Hoesl as he prepared to premiere his latest offering,...  


Daniel Hoesl • Director


Daniel Hoesl • Director

Austrian director Daniel Hoesl presented his latest film Soldate Jeannette at the 2013 edition of the...  


Frank Hoeve • Producer

“We like to invest in long-term relationships”

Frank Hoeve • Producer

We chatted to Frank Hoeve, of the Netherlands’ BALDR Film, one of this year’s participants of the...  

10/05/2018 | Producers on the Move 2018

Kaweh Modiri and Frank Hoeve  • Director and producer

“It is a story about a mother and her process of letting go”

Kaweh Modiri and Frank Hoeve • Director and producer

We spoke to the team behind Mitra, winner of the Eurimages Co-Production Development Award at the recent...  

06/02/2018 | IFFR 2018

Florian Hoffmeister • Director

“So much in this film is about leaving everything that seems unnecessary out”

Florian Hoffmeister • Director

German cinematographer Florian Hoffmeister talks about his second feature as director, The Have-Nots,...  


Louis Hofmann • Actor


Louis Hofmann • Actor

BERLIN 2017: Cineuropa sat down with German actor Louis Hofmann, selected as one of the Shooting Stars 2017  


Michael Hofmann • Director


Michael Hofmann • Director

Filmmaking as a phenomenal journey  


Maria Hofstätter, actress

Shooting Stars 2003 - Austria

Maria Hofstätter, actress

Austrian actress came to the forefront of international attention after starring in Ulrich Seidl’s Hundstage  

Michal Hogenauer  • Director of A Certain Kind of Silence

“It is necessary to find your own film language and your own poetics”

Michal Hogenauer • Director of A Certain Kind of Silence

Cineuropa talked to debutant Czech filmmaker Michal Hogenauer about his movie A Certain Kind of Silence,...  

09/07/2019 | Karlovy Vary 2019 | East of the West

Edward Hogg - actor

Shooting Stars 2010 – UK

Edward Hogg - actor

Brit Shooting Star of 2010 tells about his acting methods and his characters in films Bunny and The Bull...  

Maike Mia Höhne  • Curator, Berlinale Shorts

“The future is here. The short form has a lot more to offer!”

Maike Mia Höhne • Curator, Berlinale Shorts

BERLIN 2018: Maike Mia Höhne, curator of Berlinale Shorts, gave us an insight into what we can look...  

16/02/2018 | Berlinale 2018 | Shorts

Kaia Høidalen  • Coordinator, Eurodok

Eurodok? A small festival with moderate means that’s enjoying great success

Kaia Høidalen • Coordinator, Eurodok

Cineuropa met up with Kaia Høidalen, coordinator of the Eurodok Festival, which was held in Oslo a few...  


Pat Holden - Director of Awaydays

Video - Brussels Festival 2009

Pat Holden - Director of Awaydays

Awaydays follows the experiences of Elvis and Cartis, young members of a gang named The Pack  

Agnieszka Holland  • Director

“I had to find a new form of narration that was not natural for me”

Agnieszka Holland • Director

BERLIN 2017: Cineuropa sat down with veteran Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Holland to discuss her latest...  


Agnieszka Holland • Director

"I have the impression we forget who Stalin really was"

Agnieszka Holland • Director

Polish director Agnieszka Holland recalls Jan Palach’s tragedy in Czechoslovakia in 1969 for the...  


Agnieszka Holland  • Director of Charlatan

“Love can be stronger than any of our weaknesses”

Agnieszka Holland • Director of Charlatan

BERLINALE 2020: We met up with FAMU-educated Polish director Agnieszka Holland to discuss Charlatan, her...  

29/02/2020 | Berlinale 2020 | Berlinale Special

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