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by Liesbeth De Ceulaer


The Siberian permafrost is melting, ancient bones rise up from the ground and wild animals seem to have disappeared. Holgut is a contemporary tale based on historical, mythological and current stories. Two brothers and a scientist venture into the vast Yakutian wilderness on two quests. Roman and Kyym hunt for a rare reindeer while Semyon scourges for a viable cell of the mammoth, which he needs to clone the extinct animal. The film boldly combines elements of fiction and documentary and maneuvers seemingly effortless from a captivating reality to visual poetry. Amidst a Siberian Ivory Rush, science fiction seems to become reality and reality seems to become myth.

international title: Holgut
original title: Holgut
country: Belgium
sales agent: Filmotor
year: 2021
genre: documentary
directed by: Liesbeth De Ceulaer
film run: 73'
cinematography by: Jonathan Wannyn
film editing: Guillaume Graux
producer: Tomas Leyers, Erik Lambert
line producer: Gert Verboven
production: Minds Meet, Stempel Films
backing: VAF (BE), CFWB (BE), Belgian Tax Shelter (BE), ING (BE)
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