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by Stefan Ruzowitzky


Goldmund is to study in the monastery Mariabronn. His father sent him there. There he meets a religious monk named Narcissus. He has subjected himself to a strict life and lives completely ascetically.

international title: Narcissus and Goldmund
original title: Narziss und Goldmund
country: Germany, Austria
sales agent: Beta Cinema
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Stefan Ruzowitzky
film run: 110'
release date: DE 12/03/2020, AT 13/03/2020
screenplay: Stefan Ruzowitzky
cast: Lukás Bech, Henriette Confurius, Roxane Duran, Georg Friedrich, Michael Glantschnig, Matthias Habich, André Hennicke, Elisabeth Kanettis, Roman Johannes Kornfeld, Johannes Krisch
cinematography by: Benedict Neuenfels
film editing: Britta Nahler
art director: Sebastian Soukup
costumes designer: Nicole Fischnaller
music: Henning Fuchs
producer: Christoph Müller, Thomas Pridnig, Helge Sasse, Peter Wirthensohn
co-producer: Martin Bachmann, Eva van Leeuwen
line producer: Chris Evert, Viktoria Zellner
production: Tempest Film, Mythos Film, Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion, Lotus Film, Filmvergnuegen
distributor: Sony Pictures Releasing Germany, Sony Pictures Releasing Austria
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