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by Lee Tamahori


Baghdad 1987. A time when Iraq’s capital was a favourite stomping ground for the rich and beautiful people of the Middle East – as well as dubious businessmen. This is a place where you can buy anything you want. It’s also a place where everything has its price. Iraq is a breeding ground for corruption and fraud. Someone who knows better than anyone how to make use of such things is Uday Hussein, the oldest son of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Uday is in the habit of taking anything that might appeal to him. Naturally, his behaviour earns him plenty of enemies – including those who’d like to do away with him for good. In order to reduce this risk, he decides to use a double. He chooses Latif Yahia, a former schoolmate.

international title: The Devil’s Double
original title: The Devil’s Double
country: Belgium
sales agent: Corsan World Sales
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Lee Tamahori
film run: 108'
release date: UK 10/08/2011, IE 12/08/2011, MT 31/08/2011, IS 02/09/2011, NL 08/09/2011, BG 27/01/2012, PT 27/09/2012, ES 05/12/2012
screenplay: Michael Thomas
cast: Dominic Cooper, Ludivine Sagnier, Philip Quast, Raad Rawi, Mem Ferda, Dar Salim, Khalid Laith
cinematography by: Sam McCurdy
film editing: Luis Carballar
art director: Paul Kirby
costumes designer: Anna B. Sheppard
music: Christian Henson
producer: Paul Breuls, Michael John Fedun, Emjay Rechsteiner, Catherine Vandeleene
production: Corsan Productions
distributor: Icon Film Distribution, A-Film Distribution, Warner Bros.
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