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Emerging Producers

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95 articles available in total starting from 01/03/2016. Last article published on 19/03/2021.

Jean-Laurent Csinidis • Producer

Interview: Jean-Laurent Csinidis • Producer

"I am embodying the limits that reality imposes on the creative process"

We met up with Jean-Laurent Csinidis, Emerging Producer 2017 from France, to discuss his work for his company Films de Force Majeure  


Jasmina Sijerčić • Producer

Interview: Jasmina Sijerčić • Producer

"I’m involved in the creative process from the beginning till the end"

Bocalupo Films' Jasmina Sijerčić, Emerging Producer 2017 from Bosnia and Herzegovina, discusses her work  


Estephania Bonnett Alonso • Producer

Interview: Estephania Bonnett Alonso • Producer

"Planning for project funding also means to dream"

Estephania Bonnett Alonso, Emerging Producer 2016 from Colombia, the guest country of the edition, produces for company Black Factory Cinema. We met up with her to discuss her work  


Caroline Deeds • Producer

Interview: Caroline Deeds • Producer

"One of my greatest lessons has been learning the dark art of compromise"

Caroline Deeds, Emerging Producer 2016 from the United Kingdom, works for production company Pitch Black Films and decyphers being a documentary producer  


Danuta Krasnohorska • Producer

Interview: Danuta Krasnohorska • Producer

"Understanding what the first impulse for a film was helps me do my job"

CoLab Pictures' Danuta Krasnohorska, Emerging Producer 2016 from Poland, talks about what a documentary producer needs to be successful  


Madeline Robert • Producer

Interview: Madeline Robert • Producer

"I succeed when I love the film I produce"

Madeline Robert, Emerging Producer 2016 from France, works for Les Films de la caravane. We have met up with her to discuss the profession  


Emile Hertling Péronard • Producer

Interview: Emile Hertling Péronard • Producer

"There are no experts in the field of documentary production"

Emile Hertling Péronard, Emerging Producer 2016 working in Denmark (Emile Péronard) and Greenland (Ánorâk Film), talks about documentary production  


Antra Gaile • Producer

Interview: Antra Gaile • Producer

“The conventional path is no longer the only one”

Antra Gaile, producer for Latvian company Mistrus Media and Emerging Producer 2016 from the country, deciphers her work  


Caroline Kirberg • Producer

Interview: Caroline Kirberg • Producer

“I like discussing the audiovisual style of the film”

Emerging Producer 2016 from Germany Caroline Kirberg, of pong film GmbH, talks about her approach to the business  


Caroline Velan  • Producer

Interview: Caroline Velan • Producer

"The producer must be able to guide the director and make decisions"

Caroline Velan, Emerging Producer 2016 from Switzerland, represents production company Caravel Production  


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